A Much-Needed Boy’s Winter Coat

Blue Steel
We’re calling this look “Blue Steel”

It’s gotten cold here. Some sources started saying coldest late autumn weather in 15 years, then I started hearing coldest in 42 years. Either way, at some point today I heard someone refer to 34 degrees as “balmy” in comparison to the temps last week. Unfortunately, Romeo had outgrown his winter coat, and he needed a new one right away. I’d been planning one, but had put it off until it was needed. Procrastination served me well in this instance. He’s grown at least a full size since the summer, now being a European kids size 128 (which translates sort-of to US size 8, but since most of the good kid’s patterns seem to be of non-US origin, it makes more sense to keep track of his European size)

Overcoat 2

I used the boy’s Frock Coat pattern from Burda 12/2012 issue. I’d seen this last year when I got the magazine, but since Romeo didn’t need a coat at the time, it’s been sitting around waiting for me to make it up. The pattern is also available on-line here.

The fabric is a mystery one I got in a fabric bundle from FabricMart. I’m pretty sure it’s 100% wool. It has a nice felted kind of texture and is just the right thickness for a kid’s coat. The lining is some black twill-ish lining from my stash. See my tiny hand-stitches holding in the lining on this sleeve? (hopefully you don’t really see them)Close up sleeve


The pattern has patch pockets with flaps for both sides. These went together pretty quick and easy. the flaps are lined, but the pockets themselves aren’t.


Up Close Pockets


There is also a welt pocket on the upper left front. This might be the first welt pocket I’ve done that I’m not ashamed to have featured in a close-up photo.

Close up welt pocket


The buttons are vintage, of an unknown year. Being that they are so unusual, I didn’t have coordinating smaller ones to put on the sleeves. I settled for one large one on each sleeve. They had to be hand-sewn on; they are so thick I couldn’t fit them beneath my presser foot to attach them by machine.

Close up 1


While I point out what things went together easily, I might as well point out that there were some things that were much more difficult. This is, after all, a Burda magazine pattern. The instructions are sparse and tracing from the magazine insert was, as usual, something of a pain. Seam allowances had to be added, and I’m pretty sure I got my rights and lefts mixed up when I cut the lining out because one side of the back vent had a few inches of extra lining fabric and the other side had barely enough. Not necessarily a fault of the pattern, but the bulky outer fabric also made my front lapels…well, I think they have a lot of room for improvement (but if you didn’t notice, then please don’t go back and look). Overall, my complaints about the pattern are pretty much an echo of what I read a quite a few people writing. The style of the pattern and the look of the finished product, for me, make up for the frustration of working through the Burda experience, but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone just beginning to sew.


He’s happy with it. No fights about wearing his coat to school or anywhere else, and he gave me a pretty heartfelt “thank you, Mom” when it was finally done and handed over to him. I think he looks quite dapper (because he’s 9 and doesn’t want to hear that he looks “cute”)


Overcoat 1






6 responses to “A Much-Needed Boy’s Winter Coat”

  1. sewbusylizzy Avatar

    Goodness I can’t imagine living somewhere that cold!!! Lucky boy having a mum that can make him a lovely winter coat 🙂

  2. Sally Avatar

    Dapper indeed! I love the coat, it looks so professional! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Lynn Avatar

    It’s a very grown-up looking coat.

  4. Kristi Andres Avatar
    Kristi Andres

    I love the coat. My daughter is 9 and she doesn’t want to hear cute either. I usually end up saying she looks great in something. That seems to work. Nice job on the coat and hand stitching the lining. Hand stitching and I are just warming up to each other. I used to avoid it completely, then I endured it and now I’ve actually used in on purpose a couple of times because I really wanted the item to look right. WOW!

  5. justine/ sewcountrychick Avatar

    He looks so wonderful in his coat. What a cute little guy! Reminds me a bit of my son when he was that age.

  6. liza jane Avatar

    He does look dapper! What a handsome little man 🙂

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