Auntie Laura’s Maxi Dress: The Panic that Procrastination Induces

Ah! Where did the summer go?

How can I have let the sunny months fly by without even laying out my pattern pieces for my maxi dress. Do I have enough fabric? (Breathe) Of course I do, silly. We measured at Cari’s. I have 4 yards. The pattern says 4 yards.

I rip open the envelope of Simplicity 2692, undo the factory folds, and roughly cut out the pieces for view E. I count them as I lay them out. Please let there be only a few.

Noting that it is going on 11 p.m., and not wanting to rouse the whole house, I skip the idea of using my mom’s cutting counter downstairs. Instead, I start pinning tissue to the cotton on my bedroom floor. This one with the grain, this one on the fold, another one on the fold, this one on the grain, bent pin (throw away), another on the grain. . .

Something is not right.

I scan the newsprint instructions and the cutting layouts provided. This doesn’t make sense. Where did they get three pieces of fabric? I have just one. A vintage, gifted, one-of-a-kind piece of fabric. No hope of matching. Four yards it is, but it’s just one.

The adrenaline that was coursing through my veins plummets in seconds to a record low. I don’t have enough fabric.

By miscalculation or shrinkage or irony, my four yards of cotton are not enough.

Too bad I didn’t use that time while enjoying a pedicure more productively. I should have been thinking of a Plan B.






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