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I’ve been nominated by Anne of Pretty Grievances for a couple of blog awards. Thank you Anne. My job now is to pass these along.

The first is the Premio Primavera award.

This is a thank you for commenting award. The rules ask one to acknowledge the last nine people who commented on one’s blog and link to their pages. Let me see if I have nine different people. (I do! I’m pleasantly surprised by that.)

Samantha LeVan
Nothy Lane
Liza Jane
Julia Bobbin

Yes Anne was in there too and I skipped her. She already got the award, and even though there isn’t technically anything in the rules that says she can’t get it again, I’m choosing to pass it along to another instead because it just makes sense to me to do it that way. To those on the list (and anyone who isn’t in the last nine, but has commented prior to that), thank you for your comments. I do read and appreciate each one.

The second and third awards are sometimes, as in this case, given together.

very-inspiring-blogger-award-2          one-lovely-blog-award

The rules are deceptively simple.

1) Thank the person who gave you the award (see my thanks to Anne above)
2) List seven thinks about yourself
3) Name others to pass the awards along to. This rule I’ve seen some variations to with some saying seven, others nine, still others “15 or so”. Put a link to their blogs and notify them via a comment/e-mail.
Here’s seven things about me:
  • I have a day-job, a full-time one. I’m a Registered Nurse, certified in Case Management and Wound Care. Right now my job is case management, but the wound care background is a useful thing to have.
  • I was entirely home-schooled up until it was time to go to Community College to get my nursing degree.
  • I’m the oldest of seven children
  • I have a theory that for women, coloring over grey hair has become so ingrained in society that the most rebellious color one could possibly have for one’s hair is natural grey…I’m slowly and passively joining that rebellion.
  • I really, really like the color pink. The first job I had when I became an RN I started getting called “Pinki” and it stuck to the point where the name even ended up on my official evaluations which went into my employee file.
  • I live about an hour or two from the coast in one direction and in the other direction an hour or two from Mt. Hood. I’ve been to the coast many times, but have never been to Mt. Hood.
  • I met my husband when we were 14, and yes, it was love at first sight (or as close as one gets outside of Hollywood.) It’s an entirely off-subject back-story after that, but I can tell you it ends with us together. We’ve been married nearly ten years now.
 Enough about me, time to pass this dual award onward. I hereby nominate:

  • Local girl Cynthia of Dapper Duds. She put pictures of her recent pattern finds up for all to drool over, just when I thought no one in Oregon ever gave away a good vintage pattern for resale.
  • A woman and her pug, Shanni of Shanni Loves. Not only did she find the secret to a perfectly-fitted Macaron, she made a kitten-printed version.
  • Manicure maven Gail of Today’s Agenda because she’s obviously on the same wave-length as I am about pink, puffy, shiny skirts.
  • Reminding me that being a Mommy doesn’t mean dressing like a granny is Jamie of Such a Strange Girl
  • Sachi of the aptly-named Handmade in Style. Oh, if I only had her aesthetic sense and posing for the camera skills.
  • The daring Lady Katza of Peanut Butter Macrame. I admire her ability to combine fabrics with patterns in ways I wouldn’t have thought of, but that turn out stunning.
  • Inspiration for a real-world wardrobe can be found with at gmarie’s self-titled blog. 
  • Last but not least, Rebecca Delaney. She had me at Silk South Park Dress.

I know that isn’t 15. There are plenty of other people who totally deserve a shout-out, but if I nominate them all, it won’t leave anyone for them to pass it on to.

Speaking of Anne at Pretty Grievances, who started off this whole post with her nominations, she’s the brains and blog behind the upcoming Jungle January, a month-long parade of faux-fur, leopard prints, and other monkey business. I’m in the planning stage for joining in. Will you be joining in too?






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