Bordeaux Sweater: A Wardrobe Basic

Yes, I know. This outfit looks awfully similar to my last post. The only difference is the sweater, so that’s the part I’m wanting to talk about today. This is the Bordeaux Pullover from Valley Yarns. I knitted it from the yarn it was designed for, Colrain Lace. It’s a merino/Tencel 50/50 blend. It’s warm, but not too warm; soft, but not too fuzzy, and it has just a hint of shine.

3pc set 2.1

The pattern isn’t too difficult, but does have multiple cables at regular intervals, so it isn’t entirely mindless either. I can’t say I’d recommend it for a total beginner, since the directions are overall pretty minimal, but if you’ve made a sweater or two, you should be able to figure this one out. It’s knit top-down and in the round, so there’s no pesky seams to sew together when the knitting is complete.

3pc set 1

You can see the lacy texture of the pattern better in the back without the black Nettie fabric showing through. I admit to a bit of trepidation in making a sweater of lace-weight yarn, but with size 9 needles, it was actually pretty quick to knit up. This was my number-one go-to wardrobe piece through the entire summer. It was perfect to layer over sundresses in the mornings/evenings, and while black is probably the least exciting color to choose to knit with, it made for the perfect neutral. I wore it with this dress, this dress, this dress, and pretty much everything else I put on.

I mentioned in my last post how I thought the Tania culottes worked a little better with long sleeves, so here’s a pic of the whole outfit. The lighting was really weird the day we took these pictures, so my legs look even paler than usual (but still shapely)

3pc set 3

I wore this sweater so much this summer that I’m wondering about making another. Part of it’s appeal, though, is how it well it matches everything because of it’s neutral color. Maybe I’ll make an ivory-colored one.





2 responses to “Bordeaux Sweater: A Wardrobe Basic”

  1. sewbusylizzy Avatar

    I love this, it’s lovely, light and so feminine. Knit another in ivory! It’s beautiful & will look beautiful in a light shade.

  2. emsewcrazy Avatar

    Ooh it’s super cute! I love it when we knit something we can wear all the time!

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