Burda Style 4/2013 project 142B: The Security Guard Hat

Sparkly Hat 028

In the middle of sewing up a few things I’d recently cut out, a new project hit the queue this week. Guinevere’s class had been working on a special project for the past few months, an “art gallery” created by the students, and it culminated in a day they invited parents in to see. Each child had a job during the gallery opening, and each group doing the same job were supposed to dress somewhat alike. The security guards, which was the group to which Guinevere was assigned, wore all black with blue hats. I scrounged up an all black outfit for her out of her existing wardrobe, but had a harder time finding her a blue hat. She rejected the idea of wearing one of her brothers’, and mine don’t fit her yet. The newest Burda Style magazine just happened to have exactly the thing I needed. (Issue 4/2013, project 142B)

Sparkly Hat 024


I gave her three different fabric options, plain blue denim, blue denim with various colored embroidered flowers, and the option of cutting up an old sparkly denim skirt I had made for myself years ago (don’t ask me why I thought a long-ish sparkly denim skirt was a good idea, I can’t remember now)

Obviously she chose the sparkly one. I mean, to suggest not choosing sparkly if sparkly is an option will get you this reaction:

Sparkly Hat 026


Go figure, Burda Style puts out an issue with a whole section focusing on boys and mens patterns, and I make one up for my daughter instead of any of the males in the family. Oh well, the boys can have hats too sometime if they want. I made the smallest size and it fits reasonably well. The drafting on the pattern is lovely, as one would expect from Burda.

Sparkly Hat 018 Sparkly Hat 016


It took under 2 hours to make up this hat, that was with tracing the pattern, picking out fabric, and making it up following Burda instructions, not completely incomprehensible instructions, but they do take me longer to read through than some others. (Yes, I did need instructions to make a hat–that may make me lame, but at least I didn’t have to use my seam ripper to fix any mistakes on this project)

Sparkly Hat 031





3 responses to “Burda Style 4/2013 project 142B: The Security Guard Hat”

  1. liza jane Avatar

    Very cute! I’ve always liked those newsboy style hats.

  2. Carolyn Avatar

    That hat is the most adorable thing. The sparkly fabric was totally the right choice 🙂

  3. meggipeg Avatar

    This is adorable and your daughter looks quite a character!

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