BurdaStyle 8/2012 #152: Preppy Green Shirt

After some of my recent postings, this seems like a bit of an anticlimactic project. I know not everyone gets excited about seeing kid’s projects rather than women’s clothes. It’s nice to finally get it off my desk though; it’s been sitting around partly done for pretty much the entire summer.

Green Shirt 4

This is BurdaStyle 8/2012 #152 the same pattern as the flannel shirt I made Romeo earlier this year. Ordinarily he’ll be wearing this shirt with a suit, not jeans, but he was feeling lazy when I asked him for pics, so he only changed his shirt. He may regret that decision later; Pete just looked over my shoulder and suggested that he looks so sharp we should start sending him to school in this outfit.

Green Shirt 2

The fit is good, but the workmanship is not my best. Don’t look too closely at those sleeve plackets please.

Green Shirt 3

Workmanship aside, the fit on this shirt is so much better than anything I’ve found him in ready-to-wear in recent years. I’m not sure whether the ready-to-wear shirts I’ve bought him have had drafting issues as the sizes increase, or if they are purposely fit very loose at the neck to accommodate boys who only wear a dress shirt once or twice a year and aren’t used to wearing things that fit that snugly on their necks. Maybe it’s just because he’s slender for his size and they would fit an average boy just fine. The problem he has now is that he’s wanting to wear neckties that actually tie, and if the neck of the shirt is too loose, it doesn’t look right at all. His goal is to learn to tie fancy knots like his Dad (who likes to watch YouTube video tutorials to learn how to tie knots such as the Trinity knot and the Eldredge knot)

Green Shirt 1

The fabric is a simple cotton broadcloth. No drape, but lots of structure. Green has been Romeo’s favorite color for years, so I had bought this fabric specially for him and it’s been waiting around in my stash while I found a shirt pattern that would properly fit his physique.

Green Shirt 5

Stash-busting stats: 39/50. 82 yards.



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2 responses to “BurdaStyle 8/2012 #152: Preppy Green Shirt”

  1. navybluethreads Avatar

    A very smart, young man. Great colour!

  2. Fadanista Avatar

    Oh my, doesn’t he look adorable! So serious about the modelling. I love this shirt, and agree, boys clothes aren’t very interesting or well made. I hope he got to wear it somewhere special.

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