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  • Languid Leopard Lounging

    Languid Leopard Lounging

    Cari Homemaker is back. The leopard print never left.

  • Jungle January Jenna

    Jungle January Jenna

    Clear back in July, quite a few months ago, though not that many postings ago, I mentioned the effect that my work situation was having on my wardrobe thoughts. At that time, the thought was that I’d be going into the office for an indeterminate length of time, but that there would be an end-date. I…

  • Ultimate Rockabilly Dress

    Ultimate Rockabilly Dress

    For this year’s Jungle January Anne specifically mentioned showing off things made between now and last January. Seems like a good chance to blog this rockabilly dress I made last spring. The fabric is some kind of woven cotton. I bought it from an Etsy seller from the UK, so I don’t know exactly what…

  • Pink Gingham Picnic Dress

    Pink Gingham Picnic Dress

    I rarely do refashions or revisions, but sometimes a bit of a re-do is in order. Years ago I made a rather pretty pink gingham skirt. I made a top to go with it too and I wore it some. Over time, though, I found that the top worked with more than just that skirt,…

  • Outfit Along 2016

    Outfit Along 2016

    I’m barely squeaking in this project before the outfit along deadline. The official outfit along pattern for this year was the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt, but I wanted to make the cropped version of the sweater, so I decided a dress would be the way to go. I settled on making up the Cashmerette Upton dress.…

  • Blue Seersucker Doris Dress

    Blue Seersucker Doris Dress

    I happened to look at my recent postings, only to realize that I have nothing recent. The best way to fix that, as far as I know, is to write a new post. This dress was already blogged on The Monthly Stitch, but Guinevere took some really cute pictures, so I think I should put…

  • Kim Dress: The Siren Call of a Pretty Print

    Kim Dress: The Siren Call of a Pretty Print

    I was trying to sew tonight, but just couldn’t really get into it. As you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, I’m working on a peacoat for my husband. I’m so not in the mood to be sewing wintry items, but if I put it off until fall, I’ll need to be…

  • Goldilocks and the Three Photo Shoot Locations

    Goldilocks and the Three Photo Shoot Locations

    Hi there. This is Cari. I’m feeling rather tired today, so I’m going to turn this post over to a narrator for the retelling of a classic tale. I think my editor will be around to keep her in line. Enjoy the story. Narrator: Once there was a woman who went by the name Goldilocks……

  • Jungle Jacaranda

    Jungle Jacaranda

    I didn’t purposely put off blogging this dress I finished months ago until now when it’s Jungle January, but since I did end up not liking the first pictures I took (too much splotchy shade and an impatient photographer) and it took me forever to get pictures retaken, it seemed only right to hold off…