Guston Sweater: Keeping My Man Warm This Winter

The picking up of a handicraft more portable than sewing has finally paid off in a finished product! I’d shown how I was thinking about starting, then how I was working on a sweater for Pete, including the reason it was being made up in an impossible to photograph orange color. Now it’s finally done.

There’s my handsome husband in his brand new sweater. He isn’t sure exactly how he’s going to style it for wearing on out-and-about occasions, so this was a try-out with a plain white knit shirt underneath. He was also able to spend some time after the pictures were done lounging about and waiting to see if itchiness would be a factor in what type of shirt he would need to wear with it the next time. It doesn’t seem to have been too itchy overall, so hopefully he won’t be forced to wear long sleeves with it if he doesn’t want to.
Here’s the back:
Our back yard is a leafy mess. All those leaves are from the tree you can see is on the other side of the fence. It’s some type of chestnut tree and it loses its leaves really, really late in the year, so by the time it finishes, the weather is definitely too wet and cold to enlist the children in leaf pick-up duty, or to excite us adults about trying to find some grass under all the foliage. We might get a (cold) break in the rain coming up, so hopefully we can get things cleaned up before the spring rainy season starts (pretty much indistinguishable from the winter rainy season, but usually accompanied by the grass starting to grow)
I only had a little trouble keeping Pete’s attention for this photo session:
He says he likes it, and he’d like me to make him another, next time in some sort of very dark blue colored yarn. For the next one I might make the overall length just a little bit longer, and definitely the sleeves a bit shorter. I was worried the sleeves would end up too short, but it turns out I overshot by an inch or two. Slight adjustments for next time aside, it’s still wearable for a variety of poses with plenty of flexibility, since it is, after all, a knit garment.
For all I was initially so worried about making this sweater up, it turned out to be just the right amount of challenge. The body is knit in the round, so there was minimal seaming to be done. The “cables” are just a fancy knitted stitch with no cable needle involved. The pattern on the yoke area is an 8 row repeat that is fairly easy to keep track of without a lot of counting. I liked working on it enough to be looking forward to making another, though, the family needs to be taking turns, so the kids and myself will get sweaters (or something else knitted) before Pete gets his next one.






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