Guston Sweater: Work in Progress

It feels like a really long time since my last posting. I managed to catch one kindergarten cold followed immediately by another, which sent my creative motivation to a land far, far away. I’ve got a few sewing projects going, but it’s really slow going.

One of the things that seemed to pick up during my illness was my knitting. It made me feel like I was doing something while I un-energetically sat in front of the TV.

Remember the Guston sweater Pete picked out as the one he really wanted…and how he wanted it made up in burnt orange?

It’s a little more vivid in person, but the pic is fairly close to what it actually looks like. The yarn is Shelter Wool from Brooklyn Tweed, the same yarn that the pattern calls for. It’s wonderful stuff to work with and the color (ember) couldn’t have been more perfect, a manly burnt-orange that looks nothing like an artificially cheese-flavored chip, with small flecks of yellow and red to make it more interesting.

This is the front of the sweater, but the body is knit in the round, so the back is also already done up to the underarm area.
For all I was so worried about the number of “cables” in the sweater, it turned out to be not that complicated. The “cables” are small enough that they are formed out of some fancy knitting stitch that I don’t know the actual name of, but they don’t involve any sort of cable needle with the cross front/back thing to keep track of. I’d estimate I’m at least 40% done at this point.






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