I Didn’t Go to Prom, but I Have a Prom Dress Anyway

I have to admit, I was totally inspired by the Summer Spark Sew Along. Such an easy challenge, and yet, so difficult. I have no problem sewing for Guinevere. She’s quite appreciative, and most of the alterations I need to do for her are geared to design elements, not because she isn’t the same size as the pattern envelope. It used to be so easy to sew for myself (pre-baby body). Its still easy to think of beautiful things I would love, they just take more fabric than they used to in the execution. It also takes way more prep time than it used to because I am not the same size as the patterns anymore. I might not be just begining to sew, but I am certainly just beginning to learn what it takes to alter a pattern to fit me.

The Summer Spark challenge was to make just one great summer outfit. For my outfit, I chose a simple summer dress. It was simple to construct. Basic seams, gathered skirt, vintage style lapped zipper, skipped the lining and used packaged bias tape to finish the neckline and armscyes,. I used Butterick 4443 for the bodice, omitting the lining and heavily altered to fit my curves. Since the fabic I used was just quilting cotton, I changed the skirt to just use two rectangles instead of the partial circle provided in the pattern, hoping for better drape. I also gave it a 4″ hem, retro style.

I’m calling this my “prom dress” because of the quirky fabric I found to use.
I love the fabric, though the part of the motif involving the girl clandistinely spiking the punch means that this dress is not necessarily appropriate for all occasions.

It definitely fits the criteria for a great summer outfit. I first wore it for Guinevere’s Ballet Recital; though, I have no pictures to prove it. All eyes were on her. My next wearing was to my second youngest brother’s college graduation. Since my youngest brother has joined the workforce with no plans for college, this is the last of my siblings to have a graduation. 






6 responses to “I Didn’t Go to Prom, but I Have a Prom Dress Anyway”

  1. Ellen Avatar

    Love the fabric choice!Ellenhttp://button-lover.blogspot.com.au/

  2. cuckoochanel Avatar

    Great summer outfit. You overcame your fitting issues beautifully. And I am in complete awe of that print!!!

  3. Jennifer Avatar

    Cute!xo Jenniferhttp://seekingstyleblog.wordpress.com

  4. liza jane Avatar

    That print is so cool! I think the girl spiking the punch is the best part. Love your dress!

  5. Ester Durães Avatar

    I love the pattern of your dress, amazing! 🙂

  6. Tilly Avatar

    Really cute! Great choice of fabric.

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