I Think He Only Makes Desserts–A Chocolate Themed Apron for Ace

I bought the fabric for this project with the intention of making an apron for each boy. Romeo’s reaction was immediate and opinionated. He informed me that he is not a baby, so he didn’t want a “baby” apron. I tried to diffuse this with some sort of logic in the vein of “if I thought you were a baby, I’d make you a bib, not an apron.” He didn’t buy it. He’d prefer just plain green (good thing I didn’t go for some sort of cartoon character fabric. I’m sure I would have chosen wrong and really insulted him). As far as I can tell, his assumption about the M&M fabric being “baby” fabric was based on it being used for an item for Ace. He didn’t want to match his (baby) brother.

On the other hand, Ace had an opinion too. He LOVED this fabric, and ever since he saw it, he’s been begging me to make him something. I told him he was getting an apron. He asked for pajama’s. Since there’s plenty left over from what was supposed to be Romeo’s apron, he probably will get those pajamas someday.

He got up this morning and I showed him his finished apron. He tried it on, and was quite agreeable to getting his picture taken. He was not so agreeable to taking it off after the photo shoot. I gave in and let him wear it to Granny’s for the day. When I picked him up after work, he was still wearing it (though Granny said he did have it off for part of the day)

I realize that for the little guy, the apron is probably more form than function, at least for cooking purposes. I’m thinking for art projects though, it might be very handy.

I used McCalls 5551 for the apron pattern, leaving off all the pockets except the big one across the entire front.

So far, I think this was a good pattern choice for a kid’s apron. The ties/neck loop are all one piece, threaded through a channel created by a facing on either side-front of the apron. This means that the loop over the neck can be quickly expanded for head space while putting on, then easily adjusted so the apron doesn’t hang too low. The only thing I don’t know about is whether, if he gets ambitious and tries to get it on/off himself, he might pull the ties out and I’ll have to put them back (possibly repeatedly, depending on how ambitious he’s feeling, and probably immediately to prove to him it isn’t ruined forever). There’s plenty of growing room. The ties are so long I have to wrap them around front and tie them.

He was pretty enthusiastic about the pictures. Apparently he’s got a bit of sibling jealousy after seeing Guinevere help me with pictures when she gets new clothes. He made sure I didn’t forget to get a view of the back of the apron.

We were taking pictures in the kitchen, so my camera kept blinding him with its automatic flash that I can’t seem to turn off when I want to. He was trying hard to keep his eyes open for me. Here are the blurry and/or eyes closed outtake photos. He’s little, so he’s still cute when he blinks, and he was trying so hard to be a good model that it would be a shame to waste these photos.






4 responses to “I Think He Only Makes Desserts–A Chocolate Themed Apron for Ace”

  1. Mike Singer Avatar

    Sweet.Made 5 batches of Third-Grade Cookies the other day to share with the co-workers and the study group. Had to pull out the Engineer's apron mom made…

  2. Carolyn Avatar

    I wondered if you took your apron with you; obviously I'm not as dedicated in the embroidery department as Mom is. 5 batches seems like a lot of cookie rolling. Are they extra good with Swiss chocolate instead of American?

  3. liza jane Avatar

    Haha, he IS cute when he blinks! I love that he didn't take it off when he left the house.

  4. Mike Singer Avatar

    The chocolate is great, but the metrification of the recipe has its own associated challenges. It made sense to scale around the butter, since the others are easily measured out of larger containers. Thus, one Swiss batch begins with 200g of butter (the typical standard size of a single package) and finishes with 3.5 cups of oatmeal. The powdered sugar also came down to being measured by mass and thus required a new kitchen gadget. As I was in a hurry to finish them before heading to work, I left the mess of creation for cleanup after I returned home. I half expected the police when I got back to my house full of strewn white powder and a gram scale…

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