Illness Boosts Knitting Output, Slows Sewing to a Crawl

My sewing has been minimal, at best, for the last week. Sick with a random upper respiratory virus, my time has been mainly spent in bed when not involved in the absolute necessary activities of life (work, sleep, feeding children). Over the weekend, I watched what should have been about 3 month’s worth of movies. So as not to feel completely unproductive, I did manage to keep my hands on my knitting needles, at least part of the time.

The pattern is Geology Mitts, but I used cotton yarn instead of the recommended Merino. I realize they look a bit big on me in the pictures, but they aren’t for me. The intended recipient has wool sensitivities, so cotton yarn was a must. I’ve taken to calling these “hipster mittens” for the easy touch-screen device access allowed by the open finger design. They were also quite easy to knit up without having to try to knit individual fingers. I don’t think they turned out badly at all considering this was my first time using double-pointed needles.

Right before I got sick, I did make up something fairly fun for myself. I’m waiting to recover so I can get the cute pictures this project deserves. In the meantime, here’s a teaser photo. Remember Guinevere’s green fluffy dress intended for a night at the ballet? I couldn’t let her outfit eclipse mine, so I had to have a new dress too.






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