Jolly Farm Romper

This story starts with a fabric. This fabric to be precise:

A few months ago we did that thing where we went to Hancock Fabrics during a sale and I let Lady G. run around pointing out fabrics she liked. She was very insistant that she looooved this fabric. Hmmmm. I asked “why”? “Because it has cats” was the answer. I tried pointing out a few other cat-themed fabrics, but, no. It had to be this fabric. I was underwhelmed. Firstly, it is a quilting cotton. Not that I don’t sew garments with quilting cotton, but this particular piece was one of those that had that feel like it was never going to soften. We were on a quest for fabrics for tops for G. I felt like I was 18 again, working as a CNA while going to college. I definitely wasn’t buying full-price scrubs then. Hmmm, off-brand scrubs on clearance….a scrub top out of this fabric would definitely have made it to the clearance rack. Almost cute, but not quite.

It was on sale, and G. had her heart set on it as just the cutest thing she’d ever seen. I put my own thoughts aside and bought a length (it was on sale), but couldn’t actually envision what I was going to make.

As I was folding it up after the pre-wash, I noticed that the selvage was printed with someone’s name and a warning that the characters on this print are copywrited and that the fabric is to be for non-commercial use only. Has anyone else seen these characters? Why cow, cat, frog? I don’t know their backstory, so for me, it’s a weird animal combination.

At some point towards the beginning of summer, I started seeing lots and lots of cute playsuits and rompers being posted by various bloggers. Now, on me, a romper would be absolutely out of the question. On G, however, there is certainly potential. I found M6544 and lurked until it came on sale. The quilting cotton turned out to have just the right amount of stability for this project, and the quirky print actually works as a romper. I don’t have much to say about construction other than I mostly followed the instructions and it went together easily.

She first wore it to a party given by Auntie Laura. I didn’t end up with pics of her in it from then, so had to take some at home on another day. She started off by reenacting something we are calling “the snake lady dance” based on a story my Dad tells.

That wasn’t working to show off the outfit, so we moved out to part of the yard.

 Those are better, but didn’t we take pictures there last time? Lets try another part of the yard.

Yes, banana trees do grow in Oregon, they just don’t grow well, and there will probably never be bananas.
Now lets hone those modelling skills.
Well, you got the stare thing down. Keep going.
Starting to giggle plus not sure what to do with the legs. Must be getting tired. Maybe you should go back to the “snake lady dance” kiddo.
I think this project is a win.






3 responses to “Jolly Farm Romper”

  1. KID, MD Avatar

    Nice save! That romper is super cute!! Whenever Myra presents me with WTF fabric, it always becomes PJs. This is much better!

  2. ShanniLoves Avatar

    Sooo cute! Quite the little model you have there!

  3. ladykatza Avatar

    How adorable! Looks like she loves it very much.

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