Jungle January 2015

I’m barely squeaking in at the last minute here, but I did get a Jungle January project done and got some pictures to turn out. Anne has hosted this party for 3 years now and having participated the first 2 times, I didn’t want to miss out.

JJ 15 6
We look like we’re up to something sneaky.

I was originally inspired by a couple of Pinterest outfits that involved leopard and denim. This rayon challis fabric is one of the most recent additions to my fabric stash. It didn’t stay there long, but still it counts for this year’s stash-busting.

JJ 15 1

Guinevere’s dress is Simplicity 3902. Most of the reviews for this dress are for slightly older girls, and I can see why. The style is pretty and feminine, not looking too much like an adult dress, but not too babyish either. I made a size 5 and added 3 inches to the bottom of the hem. I also made a very small hem, rather than using the more than an inch called for in the pattern.

JJ 15 3

It has a good twirl without being too puffy.

JJ 15 2

I added the braided trim before putting in the zipper, so it wraps all the way around the dress and the edges are enclosed in the seam. There isn’t too much to say about this dress. It went together very quickly and easily and fits quite nicely for her. She says she’d like to have another one of these, possibly in a longer length.

JJ 15 9

My skirt is the Sewaholic Gabriola. The drape of the fabric makes the skirt swishy, but not clingy. You can see from the above pic how it skims the hips but gets nice and full at the hemline. I ended up taking off about 5 inches before hemming it, partly because I’m short and partly because the fabric had stretched somewhat. I’m wearing heels for the pictures, but without shoes the skirt hits about 1/2″ or so above the ground. The yoke pieces show up as just a subtle change in the direction of the pattern.

JJ 15 10

It pairs nicely with my Nettie bodysuit, though it isn’t quite seasonally appropriate yet without another layer on top. I did have to make the waistband a little bit longer than the pattern is graded for and I gave myself some extra hip room by cutting outside the lines on the yoke pieces. I don’t know that this would be the most friendly pattern to have to grade up multiple sizes; it doesn’t seem intuitive to me, but that may be just me. At any rate, I was glad I didn’t have to try to size up any more than what I did.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to get away with making matching outfits for myself and Guinevere, but she says she really likes these leopard ones. I plan to keep on with the occasional match with her as long as she’ll let me. We had fun with our photoshoot today.

JJ 15 5

Yes, we do have matching hair clips.

JJ 15 8

We had to do a version of the stereotypical “fashion blogger” pose. Just in case there was any doubt that I used the same fabric for both the dress and the skirt.

JJ 15 7

Stash-busting stats: 2 projects this year. 4 1/2 yards of fabric used.


6 responses to “Jungle January 2015”

  1. Sue Avatar

    How gorgeous do you both look! I love a Gabriola but have also had to grade it and I’m not sure I’ve been hugely successful. Yours is to die for.

  2. Liza Jane Avatar

    You are both adorable 🙂 I love your matching outfits. Do it for as long as you can! Love the Gabriola skirt, too. I have always admired that pattern.

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  4. EmSewCrazy` Avatar

    Love it! You both look great! Gabriola is on my to sew list for this year! It looks so fabulous!

  5. Aida Avatar

    Perfect matching outfits, that little dress is adorable and the model is gorgeus. Love the Gabriola skirt, would like to make it sometime.

  6. Lynn Avatar

    You both look great. How lucky you are to have a daughter who will wear the cute dresses you like to sew. I waited over 30 years to have a little girl to sew for but at the age of only 15 months my granddaughter has already decided that she definitely and most emphatically does not like dresses.

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