Knits for Guinevere

While I’m waiting for the skirt of the dress I’m making for The Monthly Stitch to finish hanging so I can hem it, I thought I’d post a couple more of my finished knitting projects.

This one is the January Baby Cardigan which is available as a Ravelry download. I love the look of the mock-cables instead of ribbing.

Green Sweater Side

The yarn is Cascade 220 in the “christmas green” colorway. It’s an extremely vibrant, almost emerald green.

Green Sweater Front


I’m hoping she will want to wear this sweater as an alternate to a fleece hoodie for school. The only thing I can see being a barrier to that is how small the hood part turned out. I think larger needles would have been a good idea, though I seem to have got gauge for the rest of the sweater. The hood is so small that it is mostly for decoration, especially with as much hair as she has.

Green Sweater Back


Speaking of hair, she got hers cut today, all glamorous-like. We trolled Pinterest for a while looking for hair inspiration. The bangs were her choice, and I think it was a good one.

Moving on, we have another sweater. Once again, the Oriental Lily (still available on Ravelry as a free download). My previous versions are here and here.

Rainbow Sweater Side

I gave this version short sleeves on a whim, and I really like it. The deep “v” shape of the neckline on her slender frame requires that she wear some kind of shirt or cami with these sweaters, so if she wants to keep wearing it through the winter, she can put a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, but for now, she can start wearing it to school without roasting.

Rainbow Sweater Front 1

Whenever I ask Guinevere what color she would like for something, the answers I get are either “leopard” or “something wild”. I can’t knit leopard, so I set out to find the wildest colored yarn I could find. This is a hand-painted yarn from See Jayne Knit. The colorway is “Let’s Blow This Popscicle Stand”. I would have had to buy it for the name alone.

Rainbow Sweater Back

As you can see, it knit up with the colors very nicely mixed throughout, almost like a game of tetris. Guinevere likes this sweater too. Finally I found something wild-colored enough for her to agree that it is, in fact, wild.

Lastly, here’s a ballet pose, because we just couldn’t get through a two-sweater photo session without having at least one moment with arms in 3rd position.

Ballet Pose







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  1. Aunty Laura Avatar
    Aunty Laura

    The teeny green hood strikes me as being appropriate for a cute, little elf. Nice job on the sweaters.

    And, Gwen, I love the haircut!

  2. Lynn Avatar

    I love both of the sweaters, especially the green.

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