Lame Excuse for Not Posting New Projects

When I started posting, my plan was to take it easy at first and post some pictures of two of my most recent projects. Oops. They are both in the wash. Things got busy. I wore mine. Guinevere wore hers. Even though I had the camera with me while we were wearing them, there aren’t good pictures available for me to highlight what I made. Obviously I need to do some laundry.

In the meantime, I’m pretty excited about this pattern I got in the mail today:

I have plans for this suit. Very ambitious plans, but practical. When I get the fabric for it, I’ll start in.

What else will I be posting about?

I have a fabric stash I will be trying to work my way through:

Also a few UFO’s lying around, mixed in with other items:

 Last, but not least. I picked up this new-old sewing machine off E-Bay:

It’s just like the one I learned on years ago. I need to set it up and check out how it runs. Romeo is wanting to learn to make himself some jammie pants. Hopefully this machine is sturdy enough to handle his youthful enthusiasm.






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