Lemon Drop Dress & Procrastination

I have two projects I’m planning for myself, but I’m procrasinating horribly. One because the fabric is special and I’m scared to cut into it, the other I’ve already cut out, but I’m worried about the fit, so I’m delaying getting to the sewing. Enabling myself to continue procrastinating, I worked on a different project instead. From the fit, it looks like I could have left it in the UFO pile for about a year and G. still could have worn it, but she says she likes it and it does look comfy, so I guess she’ll just have a long time to wear it as she grows into it.

Its entirely my own fault that it fits so big. Its a pull-over dress in a woven fabric and I was worried that if I made the usual size 3, it would be too small and she would have trouble getting it on. I shouldn’t have worried. The 1990’s pattern has plenty of ease and the ties in the back are meant to give it some shape after it is on.

I thrifted this bright, sunny seersucker fabric from the local Goodwill for under $5 and still have enough left to make another garment for G. (I already know that this shade of green and any shade of yellow make me look ill if I try to wear them, so I won’t be making something for myself with it.) The pattern was thrifted from somewhere too, and the thread and bias tape were from my stash, so all together this is about a $3 dress. Not a bad price considering she can throw a shirt and tights under it and wear it through the winter, than unlayer and wear again in the summer, perhaps for the next 2-3 years depending on how quickly she decides to grow.






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  1. Carolyn Avatar

    Oh, it is adorable. And such a lovely colour and print. I am sure she will love wearing such a pretty dress 🙂

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