Maxi Dress Challenge

Auntie Laura has already revealed her plans for a Maxi Dress, so it seems like a good time for the backstory on this upcoming project.
A few months ago, I had a tote stuffed full of fabric given to me. The tote itself is a pretty standard size, somewhat larger than a laundry basket. When I started pulling out the fabrics to pre-wash, though, I ended up with a least four large laundry loads of fabric. That is a LOT of random fabric all at once. I’m absolutely grateful to the friends who gave it to me, so I don’t want it to go to waste. The plan is to put it to use.

Hmmm. In the picture it looks bigger than a laundry basket. Also, a gratuitous look at what was considered most suitable flooring for a basement laundry area in the 1960’s.

As far as I know, most of the fabric is probably from the ’80’s/early ’90’s. It seems to be mostly cotton or cotton blends in varying weights, and in multiple lengths and colors, mostly prints. Some only rather unusual prints, and some very unusual ones that may be more difficult to find the right project to use them on.

Flowery = easy to use, seed packets = moderate difficulty, early 90’s graphic print = expert level difficulty

In the interest of putting fabric to use, I invited Auntie Laura and Auntie Mary to join me in a summer challenge.

Here are the basic guidelines we decided on:

1) We could pick any pattern we wanted, from any era, but it had to be a maxi-dress.

2) The main dress fabric had to come from this particular stash, but notions, trim, contrast fabric, etc. could come from anywhere else.

3) We have to finish these projects up this summer so we can wear them, and so we can do a photo shoot while the weather is still conducive to wearing maxi dresses.

4) The finished product should be something that “goes with” our individual style. Not to say we can’t break out of the box a little (I haven’t worn a maxi dress for years), but overall, it should be something that we will be comfortable wearing.

We’ve all already picked our patterns and fabric. Auntie Laura has already shown her fabric off in her last posting.

Let the game begin!







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