McCalls 6225: So. Much. Pink. Fuzziness.

Just when I was really starting to get some momentum going with building my own wardrobe, I looked down and realized that Guinevere had a gaping wardrobe hole. Her bathrobe, a ready-to-wear option we had picked up at Target some time ago, was still too big in the shoulders, but ever so much too short in the overall length to make it useful to her any longer.

I knew this was probably coming and had stashed a piece of fleece from Hancock Fabrics a few months ago in preparation. She rejected multiple other fabric options before deciding Strawberry Shortcake was perfect helped me pick it out.

I used McCalls 6225 for the first time. I’m pretty happy with this pattern. It’s a nice longish length robe and includes jammie pants/shorts and cami/knit nightgown patterns too. Since I only have the x-small/small sized envelope, I’ll have to make sure I grab the larger size during a sale. Then we will be set through middle school as far as robes go.

She’s got a way to go before she needs the next size up. I made the small, and gave it just a little extra length, probably as a way of saying “so there” to her too short ready-to-wear one. It hides her feet, but doesn’t drag on the floor.

I didn’t really compare her measurements to the flat pattern before I cut it out. The sleeves are rolled up for now. She has growing room.
I didn’t put the pockets in. I don’t know what she’d put in a robe pocket, and I certainly don’t want to find out after it goes into the washing machine.
My pet peeve with kids’ robes is how the belts tend to migrate away from the robe and how kids have all kinds of trouble reuniting them. Instead of doing belt carriers, I stitched this belt to the sides (catching the seam allowance on the wrong side so it wouldn’t be going through a single fabric layer) and to the back (where there was no seam allowance, but since it’s attached at the sides, it shouldn’t be pulled too much there). There’s probably a million better ways to attach a belt to a robe, but it was a mid-project decision that wasn’t thought through very thoroughly.
All warm and cozy.

I had bought plenty of fabric to allow for the directional print. So much so that I had enough to make matching jammie pants (or is that why I bought extra? I don’t remember). These also have some growing room. I rolled up a bit of the extra length to the inside for pictures, which is why they don’t look even on the bottom. I might have to re-hem them later; I’ll think about it.

Wow, Guinevere, that seems like an awfully formal pose for jammie pants.
Much better 🙂

Stash-busting progress: 3/25. And this set goes with the February stash-busting sew-along theme of sewing for someone else.






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