Mommy-Made Back to School–The Bohemian Butterfly Top

I can’t believe that school starts next week! Not only that, but this year I will have two kids in school. Romeo is pretty easy to dress for school. Jeans, polo shirt, hoodie, with or without a heavy winter coat depending on the weather. It seems to be pretty much the default look for the boys at his school, and overall, keeps them looking decent most of the time. The elementary school girls, on the other hand, don’t always look so put-together. I think its a combo of the cheapness of available clothing, so that within a few months after school starts, the glitter is falling off shoes and shirts and the leggings are fading/sagging, and that girls just have so many options that it is much harder for them to grab at random and look like they totally pulled together an outfit.

I can’t necessarily help her with coordinating her clothes, but I can give her some things that won’t fall apart right away. In line with the Me-Made pledges so popular among sewists, I’m calling this “The Mommy-Made Project.”

First up is a late summer bohemian look. The fabric is a cotton or cotton-blend that has a better feel than most quilting cottons, but was found on a clearance table, so it was cheap. The pattern is McCall 6530 and the kerchief is included in the pattern. I’m rather doubtful they will allow the kerchief in school. I’m guessing that all head-scarves are banned, not just the gangsta ones (wouldn’t want to discriminate)

The only modifications I made to the pattern was to sew the sleeve elastic directly onto the sleeve fabric with a zig-zag stitch and to make a bias tape casing for the waist elastic to thread through. The pattern called for elastic shirring, but that seemed like a lot of work that might not be that sturdy, since it would only be two rows.
Nothing says sweet bohemian country girl like a girl on a tractor. We don’t own a tractor, so we had to go borrow one.

Here’s an example of easy boys’ wear that I didn’t make, just because Ace wanted his picture taken too.
Here’s something that isn’t a tractor, just a tractor-seat on wheels. I think the intended purpose is to tote gardening tools and the gardener who doesn’t want to kneel/bend repeatedly while gardening, also probably the joy of possesion.
P.S. I haven’t forgotten about my dress. Its actually done, but I’m planning to wear it on a date tomorrow with my husband and I think we’re going somewhere with good potential for pictures, so I’m putting off posting about it until after then.






2 responses to “Mommy-Made Back to School–The Bohemian Butterfly Top”

  1. liza jane Avatar

    We're back in school already here (I'm a teacher) and I've seen so many sparkly things on the girls! But you're right, most kid's clothes are made so cheaply that they won't last. You're such a good mom to make clothes for your kids. I love the top you made and I hope she can wear the kerchief with it. It's too cute.

  2. Nothy Lane Avatar

    We start back the day after Labour Day up here in Ontario. I replace the zippers on my students' winter coats because they break so easily! I wish we could form some sort of letter writing campaign to get affordable children's clothes that stand up to everyday wear and tear.

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