Mommy Made Back-to-School: The Wild Leopard Shirt

She’s got a look in her eyes here. I think “Top Model” might call it “fierce”
Here’s another top for Guinevere out of more fabric from that particular shopping trip to Hancock Fabrics months ago where we perused the clearance section for shirt fabrics. 

This is a “real” shirt with a button placket, collar stand, and tuxedo ruffles down the front. The pattern is McCalls 6389. I was impressed with the level of detail in the construction, given that it is just a kids shirt. The fabric is cotton, probably quilting cotton, though in the clearance section instead of with the other quilting fabrics at the store. The colors held up nicely during the pre-wash, so I’m hoping it won’t fade out over time. The brightness of the fabric is one of it’s best qualities. (the other best is that it wasn’t slippery to work with)

There are ties attached to the side seams to give a more fitted look while still having room to grow. Admittedly, Guinevere is more likely to outgrow the length before she outgrows the width, but it is still nice to be able to make it more fitted around the waist, since she prefers the feminine look it gives. She’s opinionated and likes to be “girly”, what can I say? I asked her what we should call this one for the blog, so she gave it the descriptive name it now bears. There’s no animal wilder than a pink leopard.

Shirt: made by me
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Sketchers
Hairstyle: practical bun, for ballet lesson after school






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  1. KID, MD Avatar

    So cute!!! I love this fabric. I'll have to hunt my Hancock's and see if there is any left. My little princess would love it! This is a really great pattern, too. You did very nice work! Narrow hemming that ruffle must have been a bear.

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