Moon Munkie Mystery Make: Part One

About 2 months ago now (how the time has flown by this summer) I won Alessa’s Moon Munkie Mystery Make. Part of the deal with winning was a promise to post something made from the mystery package within about 4 weeks. Obviously, since this was about 2 months ago (give or take a bit for international mailing), I’m overdue (sorry Alessa). Time to move this project to the absolute top of the list.

Firstly, I have to say, I loved the fabric she included in her package. I think that’s part of my procrastination. As soon as I pulled it out of the envelope, I squealed like a “woo girl” from the show “How I Met Your Mother”. How could I risk messing it up, but how could I not choose it as the first thing to be used out of the stash she sent me?  I’m also not going to show it yet, because then who would show up to read about how it turned out? You all could just imagine what I will look like and skip the reveal. Instead I’m going to show what I’m making from it.

View B is the one I want, the one with the polka-dots. The fuzzy white print at the top left says it’s a “pounds-thinner” pattern.

I think I got this in a random pattern box (one of those where the seller says “40+ patterns from 3 decades, and I don’t know if the pieces are there so I’ll sell it to you cheap) from Etsy. It’s a “half-size” pattern, which I’ve never used before; though, considering the demographic they were drafted for (short and “matronly-figured”), I probably should use half-sizes more often. Copyright on the pattern is 1973, but I think it will translate well to modern wear. I particularly like the neck band hinting of halter-style, but with full coverage in the bra strap area. Despite the changes in sizing for half-size patterns, I still had to do a FBA.

This isn’t my first FBA, but the FBA plus a-line skirt with no waist seam puzzled me somewhat. I have the “Fit For Real People” book, but wanted additional resouces to make doubly sure I was on the right track. I have another book “The Vogue Sewing Book”, an encyclopaedic volume from the ’70’s that I probably picked up at a library book sale as a teen. I took a look at their info, and found one page on FBA. It included the following illustration.

How to add FBA to one-piece a-line dress. How appropriate considering the book and the pattern are from roughly the same era.

I measured twice (actually I lost count at about 6 or 7 times that I measured) and cut once (because there was just exactly enough fabric to make the dress I wanted, so no extra cutting of anything) last night. I think the hard part is over with getting the pattern altered. I plan to be sewing tonight.






3 responses to “Moon Munkie Mystery Make: Part One”

  1. cuckoochanel Avatar

    Can't wait to see the finished product. It's going to be fabulous!!

  2. Carolyn Avatar

    Looks like a lovely dress pattern 🙂

  3. Nothy Lane Avatar

    Fabulous pattern…good luck. FBAs are frustrating…

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