My First Video and Pattern Pyramid Winner Revealed

February’s stash busting curating challenge is about showing stash fabrics some love. I decided this would be more fun to do in movie form, so made my first short film. I hope you enjoy it.

The one main thing I learned about my fabric stash (other than what an amazingly diverse selection of things I’m drawn to) is that it would be a lot smaller if I could use up those 10 fabrics instead of having to refold them and put them back onto that shelf. I’m not sure how I’m going to get them to fit.

It’s also time to do the give away for the Plus-Size Pattern Pyramid. I had seven comments, and none of them said they didn’t want to be entered, so I’m counting them all as entries. I gave them each a number so I could try out the random number generator.

Kelly = 1
Anne = 2
Virginia = 3
Kathy = 4
Kristi = 5
Amy = 6
MaZeLiving = 7

And the winner is…



Congratulations Kristi. I’ll be contacting you shortly to find out where you’d like the patterns sent.





4 responses to “My First Video and Pattern Pyramid Winner Revealed”

  1. Lynn Avatar

    I love the newspaper print fabric. So cute. I use quilting cotton to make dresses and blouses all the time. Doing something I’m “not supposed to” just makes it more fun.

    I also love the piece with the giant roses.

  2. ShanniLoves Avatar

    I love watching videos of other sewists. It’s nice to put a voice with a face. You have quite the stash!!

  3. EmSewCrazy` Avatar

    LOVED the video! So fun to see the stash this way and hear all about your plans! I don’t know what the fabric recommendations are but that brown wool would look gorgeous with the Advance dress coat you bought from my shop!!! 😉

    1. Cari Homemaker Avatar

      Yes it would! I just might. It’s definitely still wintry enough to make that super practical right now. Or as practical as a dress in winter can be anyway.

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