New Colette Patterns…in Pink

New Colette patterns debuted today and they are gorgeous. 
This is the Anise jacket
I am now really determined to figure out what alterations I need to make for myself when working with Colette patterns. And I need to find some jacket fabric in just that shade of pink.






3 responses to “New Colette Patterns…in Pink”

  1. StephC Avatar

    The jacket is so so so super cute! And the great thing about a swingy design like that is the fitting is a little more forgiving. 🙂 Would love to watch your progress, alas, I don't live in a coat-y climate. I have two and that's more than enough…

  2. Nothy Lane Avatar

    I ordered my pattern on Thursday night and I ordered the e-book too. I am very excited to put this jacket together!

  3. Carolyn Avatar

    The rounded collar is very cute, and I like the double row of buttons. And I think this colour will look gorgeous on you!

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