Practical Menswear

For years now I’ve wanted to make clothing for Pete. Not that he isn’t perfectly capable of buying his own clothing, but I like the idea of him wearing things I’ve made. I have made him things here and there, but never had been able to make something he really, really liked and would wear over and over. Finally I have the perfect pattern for the perfect thing to make him, Jalie 2918.

Pete t-shirt 1


He’s being all weird and not wanting his face in pictures right now. The first one I made him I don’t have a picture of. I used a random rayon jersey from my stash. It’s become his favorite lounging around at home shirt (he’s wearing it now as he watches You Tube videos), but being a thin rayon, it doesn’t work as a going out and about piece.

Pete t-shirt 2

This one is made of Laguna cotton (95% cotton, 5% lycra). I measured both Pete and one of his favorite ready-to-wear t-shirts. The ready-to-wear shirt was several sizes smaller than what the pattern would have called for. He likes his shirts to fit slim, so I went with the size closer to the ready-to-wear one. He also asked for the neckline to be lowered about an inch, so I did that too, just drawing it in on the pattern.

Yeah, not the most exciting of pieces, but very practical and wearable. He liked the first one enough that I made him a few more, out of the same Laguna cotton in different colors.

Orange t-shirt

Green t-shirt



Stash-busting stats: 15/50 projects, 26 1/2 yards






3 responses to “Practical Menswear”

  1. liza jane Avatar

    Perfect! I’ve always wanted to make my husband some new tees as he’s very picky about color and fit. I’ll have to check out the Jalie pattern.

  2. Carolyn Avatar

    These all look so fantastic! I’m sure he’ll never want to buy tees again cos these are real cool and the fit is perfection. I’m going to check out this pattern too 🙂

  3. Lynn Avatar

    Very nice! It looks like you husband is more colorful than mine. When I sew for him I’m stuck with dull greens, browns and grays.

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