Quick Knit Project: Taylor Shrug

purple shrug front

This is a quick knitting post for a quick-knit project*. The Taylor Shrug, specifically. Once I got the concept of what the thing I was making was supposed to look like, it was a very easy knit. The directions are minimal, which is not necessarily a bad thing, since much of the directions that are there are how to customize the sizing. Minimal directions, however, meant a need for lots of thinking and some math before I could get started.

Purple Shrug Lacy Sleeve

I love the lacy cable pattern. This particular shrug is made up from a bit of Cascade 220 yarn I had left over from a project I had made for myself (not blogged yet because it needs the perfect blouse to be sewn up to go with it).

Purple Shrug Back

Since this pattern is meant to be customized, I could make it up in my size quite easily (if not as quickly). I think I’d like one in an emerald green color.

I might have to make her a pink one for ballet class.

Purple shrug arms up


* The rest of the outfit is ready-to-wear stuff she’s had for a while: shirt from The Children’s Place, and shorts that were hand-me-downs from her cousin.






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  1. ladykatza Avatar

    Very cute! I love the ballerina pose, too.

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