Quirky Kitchen Art

In my last post I showed off my Mom’s sewing skills. Now I’d like to show off something of my Dad’s. He doesn’t sew.

I’d always thought of drawing as being my Dad’s main creative outlet. He tends toward comedic sketches most often. He likes to write, but doesn’t usually show us what he’s written. On the rare occasions when he does offer up something he’s written to public view, I generally end up laughing. Apparently we share a similar sense of humor.
A couple of years ago, though, he took up a new artistic endeavor. It’s unusual, creative, and a little quirky. He started re-purposing used small kitchen appliances to create lighted pieces of art. He lives within walking distance of a large thrift shop, and I suspect that they are his usual source of appliances to be re-purposed. I’ve also supplied him with a few. They just don’t make things like they used to, and for his purposes, they don’t need to be in “working condition”, so burned out motors aren’t a barrier. Blenders, smoothie makers, coffee makers, and popcorn poppers are all fair game.
One of my offerings to him was the blender in the picture above that I burned out the motor on while making butternut squash soup a few years ago. I knew I had wrecked it during that dinner, but I sheepishly put it away in a cabinet anyway. When we remodeled the kitchen, it was rediscovered and I offered it to my Dad.
He was nice enough to give it back, so it lives on my kitchen counter. I think it works much better now.






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  1. Kimberly Hughes Avatar

    I think that is incredibly neat.

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