Redecorating Kids’ Rooms: Current Room Elements and Upcoming Plans

It’s happened. The kids have started to outgrow their toddler beds. Ace could probably stay in his for a bit longer, but Guinevere is definitely getting too big. The boys share a room and Guinevere has her own. Unfortunately, it happens to have worked out that they are in the wrong rooms, with the currently shared room being slightly smaller than the other. Since we are looking at new beds, it seems like a good time to look at the overall bedroom setups, swap rooms, and get things squared away for the next 8-10 years. The rooms need to be re-painted to cover up wear and tear, and with new, bigger beds will come new, bigger blankets. Might as well update the color schemes and throw in new curtains too.

Sherwin-Williams also just finished a sale (see how nicely things come together?) I bought paint yesterday for both kids rooms. I am NOT making home decor items, at least not entire rooms’ worth. There’s really no rush, like there was when decorating/room rearranging was a matter of “the baby is coming, gotta get things ready.” Also, kids seem to be quite rough with bedspreads/comforters, so the plan is not necessarily to buy matching curtains/rug/bedspread, but to do more of a thing where everything coordinates somewhat, but doesn’t necessarily belong to a set. This will help me out in the boy’s room where Romeo likes green and Ace prefers blue and black. The plan is to paint the boys room walls blue with darker blue trim, then pick a wall to add green stripes to (with vinyl removable stripes so I don’t have to tape/paint them). Guinevere became absolutely set on not having a pink room saying she “only likes dark rooms.” We settled on an orchid pink/purple with some bright berry pink for the trim.

I’ve been adding pins to a couple of pinterest boards in the hopes of finding at least a common theme that would inspire me to work from. So far, the pics that inspire me for Guinevere seem to lean toward bright/rich/dark color schemes (as opposed to pastels) and to have an over-abundance of sparkly lamps and airy curtains. The things that inspire me most for a boys room are clean, uncluttered lines with hidden shelving and drawer-space, probably based on wishful thinking that they would keep their room free of piles of socks and legos on the floor.

There are a few elements from the current rooms that I plan to keep. The main one being their names used to decorate one wall.

I used the pre-formed wood letters from the craft store, and covered them with craft paint in various colors. After the paint dried, I went over them with glitter-glue  (glitter just on Guinevere’s, not the boys’) that just happened to have different shapes in it. I didn’t worry about it possibly flaking or chipping later, since these are up high on the wall and never handled, and they have held up well.

To continue to decorate, I added vinyl wall decals w/ various cheerful butterflies and other bugs “flying” around the letters.

I also threw in some glow-in-the-dark glitter stars stuck on the wall w/ double-sided foam tape. I have a feeling the stars are going to be a pain to remove, but the rest of it will be just a matter of filling all those holes  I used to put nails to hang the letters.

It hasn’t bothered me in the years that those letters have been up on the wall, but looking at them in pics, it becomes apparent that I need to do a better job of either hanging them level with each other or making them uneven on purpose when I put them up in the new room.






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