Romeo Sews! A U of O Apron

Now for something really exciting. It feels like long ago since I was making aprons for the kids. I had originally planned to make one for Romeo, but he didn’t want to match Ace. When he started complaining about being the only kid who didn’t have an apron, I told him to make his own. And he did!

Apron Front


He used McCalls 5551, the same pattern I used for Ace, but in size 7-8. This particular apron pattern has a large number of pockets. He only put on the one large one across the front (which is divided into three separate sections). He learned about print-matching during this project, so his pocket is nearly invisible.

Of course, Romeo chose the fabric. Neither Pete nor I went to any university, so we don’t have any particular affinity for one over another. Romeo started Kinder the year U of O went to the BCS championship though, and Duck Fever was a raging fury that year, even in elementary school. He’s happily worn U of O gear at various times ever since, so when he saw this quilting cotton with an Oregon Ducks motif, he knew what he wanted for an apron.

The apron was a good follow up to his previous project. I don’t have any cute shots of him at the cutting or sewing tables this time 🙁  Though I do have this one from when he finished.

Apron with crazy face

He did have more confidence with this project compared to his first one, and better hand/eye coordination. I had him use my vintage Singer 500A (Rocketeer), rather than my basic Viking I’ve sewn on for so many years. The foot pedal was a little harder for him to manage, but everything else seemed to be easier for him to use than the Viking. I do think I may need to try to find him some sewing scissors. He’s been using mine, but his hands are so much smaller than what the scissors are designed for that he really has a hard time. For that reason, I did trim two seams for him during construction. If he’s going to keep sewing, he’s going to have to be able to maneuver his scissors.

We’re talking over what his next sewing project should be. I’m wondering if he’d like to foray into knits and make himself a t-shirt, maybe Jalie 2918. Whatever we decide on next, I’m sure he’ll attack it with a certain manly grace…

Apron with Muscles


And my ulterior motive in wanting him to have a new apron? So he could cook dinner for us, of course. He made chili tonight.



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3 responses to “Romeo Sews! A U of O Apron”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Great shots — and great apron. Romeo’s a champ!

  2. Lynn Avatar

    Awesome. I love that you’ve started your kids sewing. I was a late bloomer myself. I didn’t start sewing until I was 18 and I regret not starting earlier.

  3. ShanniLoves Avatar

    This is just awesome!!! Way to go Romeo!

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