Sew Colette 2.0 The Peony Dress

First of all, a great, big Thank You to everyone who took the time to comment on Romeo’s Jammie Pants. He’s read all the comments and done that squirmy, eye-rolling thing that elementary-school boys do when they are pleased by hearing good things about themselves, but too embarrassed to admit it.

In making my plans for fall/winter sewing, I forgot to take something into account. Something really important. With kids, especially kids in school, I will probably spend the next 9 months alternating between being sick as a dog and trying to frantically catch up on the things I fell behind on getting done during that illness (like laundry and cleaning house) before the next illness strikes. It’s going to make already making getting to the Anise jacket really difficult. Seeing as how the rainy season has begun, I’m thinking Guinevere’s school coat will have to get done as my next major project. 
In the meantime, even if I’m not keeping up with the Anise sew-along, I have been able to sneak in something for Sew Colette 2.0. 

No dressy-dress here; it’s fairly practical. Here’s a closer look at the fabric (not that close, but closer)
You know those chenille blankets that were all the rage in the late ’90’s and early ’00’s? This fabric so reminded me of one of those. Impossibly tangle-y on easily-frayed edges, it has drape, but no body, and those loosely woven “floating” threads needed to be pulled straight after being lifted out of the weave in a myriad of places.

I can’t complain too much, the fabric was thrifted (I don’t remember exactly what I paid, probably not more than $5), and there was just exactly enough to make this dress without leaving enough behind to have to put back into the stash. The reason I picked this fabric out of my stash as the next piece that needed to be sewn up didn’t have anything to do with thinking it was the perfect pairing for Peony (even though it is). It’s quite bulky when folded so that I was having trouble with it falling out of my fabric stash cabinet every time I opened it up, no matter how I tried to stuff it in. Obviously the “invisible” zipper was from my stash. If I’d have known it was going to be that conspicuous, I might have gone and got a purple or navy one.
The overall look must be good. I had to go to the Outlet Mall the first day I wore this, and a woman at the salon there was convinced that I had bought the dress at Ann Taylor. The way she said it, it sounded like if Ann Taylor had these in-stock, she would have gone and bought one for herself on her next break. (The belt is from Ann Taylor, come to think of it)
I rather like this headless shot. No, I didn’t crop the photo. I had Romeo working the camera, and he was having a lot of trouble with the concept of photographing the dress while also getting all of me into the pics. 
Here’s what he actually wanted to take a photo of, The Gru-Cat (yes named after the character in Despicable Me. That’s what happens when you have small children; you watch small children movies repeatedly until the names of the characters are the only ones you can think of when it comes time to name a newly adopted pet).  

I absolutely love this dress!. It’s like wearing a warm, fuzzy blanket. I can add purple tights to make it an outfit. It’s just the right length to wear with boots. It has pockets that exactly fit my cell phone, and just enough ease in the skirt to make it so the phone isn’t conspicious. To top it all off, I think I finally got the Colette sizing just right for me on this one (after some alterations to the bodice and sleeves). I might go back later and make a purple sash like the one from the pattern; I’m not sure. Since the fabric is bulky, I kind of like how the black belt makes the waist look more defined. Also, it ties in with the black boots in a way a contrast fabric really wouldn’t. Maybe I’ll save the sash for my next Peony, and there will be a next one. 






4 responses to “Sew Colette 2.0 The Peony Dress”

  1. ShanniLoves Avatar

    It looks so warm and cozy! Perfect for the winter months ahead. Great job! It certainly does look like it came from Ann Taylor. I find it hilarious that I wear more dresses and skirts in the winter than I do in the summer. I just love to wear tights and boots!!

  2. Jenny Avatar

    That looks really really good on you! Good work!

  3. angie.a Avatar

    I already commented on the flickr, but this is so flattering and pretty! Good job! If the zip bothers you in the back, then you could always buy some grosgrain ribbon to match the dress, and topstitch a piece down on either side of the zipper, sort of "overlapping" at the center a bit (if that makes sense). That might cover the zip and it would be a neat design treatment too.

  4. prttynpnk Avatar

    This is the first winter peonyI've seen and I feel inspired- lovely!

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