Sunday, Rainy Sunday

While record-breaking high temperatures sweep most of the nation, the West Coast has decided to opt out.  

That isn’t just my lack of photography skills making the sky look like that. Those are rain clouds. The forcast for today is a high of 75 degrees and rainy, and for the rest of the week alternating rainy/sunny days in the 70’s. While 103+ degrees is too extreme, I’m really wishing for summer to arrive.

Two good things do come out of the rain. 1) I don’t have to feel wasteful for watering the lawn. It’s staying lush and green without the aid of sprinklers.  2) I don’t have to feel guilty for staying indoors and sewing, so maybe I’ll actually sneak in some sewing time today.

Overall, today is shaping up ok, despite the rain. It wasn’t breakfast in bed, but someone did make me breakfast.






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  1. Unknown Avatar

    I think breakfast being made by someone else is awesome!

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