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  • Ottobre 1/2013: Casual Batman

    Ottobre 1/2013: Casual Batman

    This is Ace. Being the youngest kid, he ends up wearing a lot of hand-me-downs and gets fewer brand-new clothes than the other kids. When I do make him things, I like to make sure he gets unique things. Last year, he got his bat-suit, and he still wears it quite often. Since he’s in…

  • Ottobre 1/2013: Lumber Jane Shirt Dress

    Ottobre 1/2013: Lumber Jane Shirt Dress

    This month the Stash-busting group has several optional themes. I was pondering which of them I could do while still making things from my planned project queue when I realized I was actually in the middle of making something red. Finishing up this project was much easier than trying to figure out which piece in my…