Ottobre 1/2013: Lumber Jane Shirt Dress

This month the Stash-busting group has several optional themes. I was pondering which of them I could do while still making things from my planned project queue when I realized I was actually in the middle of making something red. Finishing up this project was much easier than trying to figure out which piece in my stash is the one I’ve had the longest or which piece has the most yardage.

Flannel Dress 6

This flannel (which sits on the pink side of red, but is not quite as washed out as these sunshine-laden pictures would suggest) has been in my stash for a while. I made something out of it last year for my mother-in-law, but I had plenty left to make this dress for Guinevere. I still really like the look of heavy Valencia-type lace with flannel, like this skirt here (that needs a new top since the RTW sweater I had been wearing it with last year wore out).

Flannel Dress 5.1

The pattern is from Ottobre 1/2013 issue, design number 25. I made size 116 and added length to the dress in addition to the lace. Guinevere likes her dresses on the longer side, and it seems more practical to make it longer for warmth since this is a winter dress. I also added side-seam pockets because she’s been complaining that I’m hogging all the pockets in dresses and skirts. She’s going to be set up for so much disappointment in her adult life as far as dresses with pockets if she doesn’t learn how to sew.

Flannel Dress 3

The buttons are some I inherited from my Grandma’s stash. There are 13 buttons on this dress, so I had very few options for using stash buttons. I was thrilled to find these interesting ones that worked for this dress. I made up my own button placement instead of going with the pattern markings, starting with the second button from the top, so she wouldn’t have to do up the top button when she wears the dress.

Flannel Dress 4

Ottobre patterns have to be traced and seam allowances added. I drew in some match lines for the plaid as I was tracing off the pattern, and I think I ended up doing a fair job of matching the plaid, even across the sleeves. The flannel is one of those kind-of shifty ones where a walking foot might have been helpful (if I owned one), and that made sewing things up in straight lines rather more difficult than it otherwise would have been. I skipped most of the top-stitching partly for that reason, and partly because I just liked the look of the dress without the top-stitching. The insides are mostly finished via serger, and the sleeve “placket” is just a turn under/hem treatment, so this was a pretty quick make.

Flannel Dress 2

Overall I’m happy with this dress. Guinevere is too. She likes it when her dresses are seasonally appropriate instead of having to try to find ways to layer things, and she’s been asking for more “grown-up” looking outfits. I’d be happy to wear this one, if only it were my size.

Stash-busting stats: 3 projects this year. 6 yards of fabric used.






4 responses to “Ottobre 1/2013: Lumber Jane Shirt Dress”

  1. R Avatar

    What a great dress, I love the lace touch! And I’m totally with her on the pockets, my son was horrified when he discovered that his sisters clothes often had no pockets. My other bug bear is clothes for small girls that fasten at the back so they have to ask for help – I have never seen a male garment with back fastenings!

  2. Andie L Avatar

    That is so cute! I love the lace at the bottom. I could see myself wearing something similar. I love plaid. 🙂

  3. EmSewCrazy` Avatar

    I LOVE this dress! It is beautifully done. Love the lace with the plaid; I’d totally wear it too. Guinevere is looking quite grown up.

  4. Lynn Avatar

    Such a great little dress! I never thought of using lace with flannel. I must try that sometime if I can find the right lace.

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