The Pinkalicious Dress

This is a special project I’ve been planning since the spring. I usually tend to get inspired more by themes or variations on trends then I do by any one specific thing that I want to copy. This project is an exception to my usual process since I really did try to copy something I’d seen.
Reading has always been a part of my life. By always, I really mean literally always. I don’t remember not being able to read, and I don’t remember the process of learning to read. I would stay up late reading under the covers when I was younger, and still usually read something in bed nightly before I fall asleep. I also tend to read blogs voraciously, and my work now involves sometimes hundreds of pages of reading in a day.
We read to the kids before they were born and have always had books around for them to read. When Guinevere was smaller, I found the books Pinkalicious, and the sequel Purplicious by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann. Since then, there have been multiple other books that have been published with Pinkalicious as the main character. There is also a highly entertaining live musical show based on Pinkalicious which Guinevere and I went to last year. 
If you haven’t read the books or seen the show, I won’t spoil it by detailing the plots of each. I will say that a central theme of the series is how much Pinkalicious loves the color pink. This doesn’t mean, however, that she wears only pink on every page of every book. She does seem to wear only dresses, and very cute ones at that. In channeling Pinkalicious for everyday wear, though, it only makes sense to make a pink dress. The one that inspired me is in Pinkalicious: Tickled Pink

Pink stripes! What could be more Pinkalicious?  I couldn’t resist making one for Guinevere. It took forever on fabric websites looking for just the right pink stripe. I did finally find one on It’s a quilting cotton, so it’s sturdy and washable, though, the drape could be better. Of course I have lots of girl-sized dress patterns, but nothing exactly like the one from the picture. I ended up messing around with a thrifted pattern, redrafting the collar and adding a front placket where the pattern had just folded the center front over to the back to make a facing.
It has a gathered skirt, so twirling pics are a must.
“Curtsy while you’re thinking, it saves time” (not a quote from Pinkalicious, but it matches the pic)

Pink hair bows were brought back from Vietnam for Guinevere when one (or two?) of my Hubby’s co-workers went there for a visit.

“‘You get what you get and you don’t get upset’…but I got very upset” (that is quoted from Pinkalicious)

It isn’t really an editorial-photo-type dress, but a model has to work with what she’s given.
Disclaimer: blog author has received no compensation or other incentives for links within blog or from authors/publishers of any Pinkalicious books. 






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  1. liza jane Avatar

    Love this! And of course, I love those books! I do a lesson about mixing purple and we read Purplicious. Great job! I looks just like the book and very well made.

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