Thoughts on Blogging and Link to Giveaway

I’ll just admit it. I’m having way too much fun with blogging right now, even with as few postings as I’ve done so far. I’ve spent a great deal of my adult life writing, but it was never the kind of writing that anyone outside of a hospital, government agency, or law office would ever get to read, and always absolutely devoid of imagination. Being able to write about whatever I want, in whatever format pleases me is a nice change.

Not to be all output though, I do really enjoy reading other people’s work. I get to drool over their creations and learn from the work they have put into learning how to do things. It started with admiring a few projects on Burda Style, but has since grown into an ever expanding blog reading list. On my must-read list right now is Lady Katza (yes that’s her picture down below) of Peanut Butter Macrame. She has the awesomely generous spirit to be doing not just one give-away, but five whole days worth. Not only that, but she’s got the good stuff. It started on Friday with a classy vintage Vogue pattern, and so far she’s up to Tuesday with a pattern that is not only retro-tastic, but is a size difficult to find in vintage wear. (someone is hoarding those size 38″ busted patterns)

 As a bonus, you can also find info on her inspiration for this incredibly cute gingham dress, which I would totally wear, especially if I had a pink wig.






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  1. ladykatza Avatar

    Awwww, you're sweet! Thanks so much. 😀

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