Tiny Boy Clothes

I had the recent opportunity to try out two of the other Peek-a-Boo Patterns I recently acquired. I’m still really loving this pattern line. This time I used the Classic Chinos pattern and the Classic Polo pattern (both in size 6 months) to make up an outfit for our other friends who are expecting a baby this summer.

polo shirtThis fabric was a bit of a pain to work with for as detailed as this shirt is. It came in a mystery box from FabricMart Fabrics and it is wonderfully baby-soft but also very drape-y. I suspect it has a high rayon content. After I cut out the front the second time (the first attempt was unsalvageable), I used some pro-sheer elegance light fusible interfacing to stabilize the front before I sewed the placket on. The interfacing made a huge difference in handling this particular fabric. 

polo shirt back


I think I can plan on using this pattern plenty in the future. It’s such a great basic.

The trousers I made from stashed fabric. I had just a small length of this pin-striped fabric (probably polyester) and it was just the perfect amount for baby-sized clothes.

trousers front


The front pockets on this are super-tiny, but they are pockets. The pattern has the option to either put a zipper in the fly or not. This version has no zipper because, really, what would someone under a year old need with a zipper?

I put these two pieces together with the Poseidon Vest from Ravelry to make a preppy little outfit (which I only have sideways pictures of).Ensemble

As a side note, I never feel bad cutting out things on my dining room table because, as you can see above, obviously it hasn’t been refinished in a long time ever so pins/scissors/etc. aren’t doing any damage.

Here’s a better look at the vest.

vest front

I made the size 6 month from a Valley Yarns Superwash DK yarn I had in my stash. I had originally bought the yarn thinking I’d make a sweater for Ace, but I really like this color as a vest. There’s enough left I could make another vest for Ace if I wanted. I’m debating whether I would want to tackle all those cables again…maybe later.

The shirt doesn’t count as stash-busting, but the trousers do. Stash-busting stats: 16/25






2 responses to “Tiny Boy Clothes”

  1. Carolyn Avatar

    Ooh, too cute! such adorable little clothes!! I love the polo top, and the little trousers. You are absolutely right, for an under 1yr old, an elastic waist is the very best option

  2. AnnetteB Avatar

    I don’t know why I didn’t comment on this before, I must’ve been reading it on my tablet or phone (electronic keyboards restrict my desire to type). The new mom and dad LOVE being on the receiving end of your wonderful sewing and knitting projects!!! This was such a beautiful gift with a big appreciation of the time and hard work put in on this. … especially from a doting Grandma!

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