Work-in-Progress: Some Sort of Jacket-Looking Thing

At what point do side-projects become just another form of procrastination? I’m not sure, but I do know that it was quite satisfying to temporarily leave off my current work-in-progress project for Guinevere’s recent puffy-dress. I fear crossing over that line of “I’ll just make this other thing up quick so I feel like I’m getting somewhere” and head into “I’ll have to put this one in the UFO pile”. It’s supposed to be for Romeo. I don’t want him to outgrow it so that I have to finish it up for Ace in a few years.

That being said, I think the hardest parts are behind me. I’m done with the welt pockets (my first in probably over a decade).

and the collar/lapels. (which look like they could use another good pressing/steaming)
Just setting in sleeves and doing some buttonholes to go…and the lining. I’m so glad he’s still relatively small, so the amount of hand-sewing will be about half what it would be if this were a project for myself. Though, I’m feeling like if this were a project for myself, I wouldn’t be quite so worried about the fussiness involved in the details, nor the time this project seems to be taking up. I wouldn’t be planning to outgrow it in less than a year.
This seems like so much more work than Guinevere’s recent coat was. The type of pockets and collar really do make an incredible amount of difference in difficulty and the amount of time needed on a coat/jacket. I’ve already sat through Madagascar 3 twice (with the kids), and most of Gone With the Wind (after kids went to bed), and could still probably watch two more movies before I get this thing done. 






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