A Trio of Lady Skaters

Snake Skater 3

Back at the beginning of summer, I made a couple of Lady Skater dresses for everyday wear. I had suddenly decided I had a significant lack of snake-print in my closet, so I bought this navy blue ITY knit. I added a few inches to the skirt length of the lady skater pattern, just like this other dress I had made last year.

I’m a bit annoyed by my print matching on this one. It isn’t mis-matched enough to look like I wasn’t trying, but certainly doesn’t match at the waist seam.

Snake Skater 6 Snake Skater 5

The side seams match prints nicely though.

Snake Skater 1

The Lady Skater dress is such an easy thing to wear during the summer that I made two.

Lady Skater 3

I gave them side-seam pockets which sometimes will work their way out of place and need to be tucked back in, but which are perfect to hold phone and keys for quick errands during the summer when I’m not wearing a jacket or coat with pockets.

Lady Skater 2

This fabric is out of my stash. I like the ditzy striped floral print of this ITY.

While I was thinking about these dresses, I realized I hadn’t ever blogged about this one from last November (as you can see from the old hair style). It’s also an ITY knit Lady Skater with a lengthed skirt. I wouldn’t necessarily have gone to the trouble to go back and blog it, but just look at the stripe-matching all the way across the sleeves. I have to show it off; not perfect, but so much better than one would usually find if looking for an everyday knit dress.

Stripy Skater 2

They match equally well across the back too.

Stripy Skater 3

It’s mostly matched along the sides too.

Stripy Skater 1

Only one of these counts for stash-busting, but it does count, so I want credit.

Stash-busting stats: 40/50. 84 1/2 yards


3 responses to “A Trio of Lady Skaters”

  1. oonaballoona Avatar

    YOU BETTAH ROCK THAT HAT. that first picture!!! i love it!!!

    these are wonderful, and the print seems crazy enough in the blue to not worry over print matching. i like the askew factor, actually.

  2. liza jane Avatar

    Ah, perfect timing. I was just pondering making a lady skater or two for fall. Love the maxi length!

  3. Lynn Avatar

    Congrats on the stripe matching! I’m a little afraid of stripes myself, for various reasons, but I have been thinking about them lately.

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