Anna Dress: The Jungle Cat Version

Leopard Anna 9

Following my Banana Anna, I could hardly wait to make another version; this time in the longer length.

As far as I can tell from the multiple versions of this dress I’m seeing getting made up by other sewcialists, the front split seems to be the most popular feature of this dress, but it wouldn’t be practical for my every-day life, so all my seams are sewn from waist to hem. It’s still quite twirly though.

Leopard Anna 7


The fabric is rayon challis . The leopard print was totally inspired by Sew Busy Lizzy when she made one of the first Anna dresses I had seen. Longer-length rayon challis dresses were so popular though the mid-1990’s; I feel 15 again wearing this dress. I think I found this fabric at; they seem to have a pretty good selection of rayon challis most of the time.

Leopard Anna 2


One of the last tips from the Anna sew-along was to sew the zip with a larger seam allowance towards the top neck edge. I think for my next version I’ll try doing that. In the cotton fabric of my first Anna, it didn’t seem to gap, but the rayon is more shifty and it would look a little better if the neckline were a little smaller in the back.

Leopard Anna 3

I’m trying to look all sultry and fashion blogger-ish in these photos, but I was definitely distracted. Here’s the un-cropped version of the first picture. Ace says he was trying to make sure he could get his picture on the internet by sneaking into my photos.

Leopard Anna 8







12 responses to “Anna Dress: The Jungle Cat Version”

  1. Sew Melodic Avatar

    Fantastic Anna, lovely print. Opting not for the slit makes complete practical sense.

  2. shelleyatticusfinch Avatar

    you look very nice in this dress !
    your choice of fabric really suits the style.
    thank you for sharing the photo with the cute addition, : )

  3. sewbusylizzy Avatar

    Fabulous! I feel honored that Jungle Anna inspired such a gorgeous make 🙂

  4. Sew, Jean Margaret Avatar

    Another gorgeous Anna. This print looks great on your long version. Can’t wait to try this pattern too. Just trying to find the right fabric.

  5. Amanda Avatar

    Wow! Looks really great!

  6. Clipped Curves Avatar

    It’s really elegant. Lovely make. (had to click through for a photo bomb by a 4 year old -teeheehee)

  7. Peter Avatar

    Beautiful. I love the length of it!

  8. liza jane Avatar

    Ooh, beautiful! I’ve seen some very pretty versions of the Anna dress but I haven’t been very in to this pattern for myself. I think the slit is what threw me off. Not a look I usually go for, but this is great. I would make a version just like this. It looks twirly and elegant at the same time.

  9. ShanniLoves Avatar

    Love this version too! and I also love the photo bomb, so cute!

  10. ladykatza Avatar

    Yay, more challis! You are absolutely stunning in this dress. Also, I just ordered this same print from FabricMart Fabrics for a Sugar Plum.

  11. Carolyn Avatar

    Oh, this is absolutely lovely! I think this dress is my favourite that you’ve made 🙂

  12. sewexhausted Avatar

    I love your Anna! ~Laurie

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