Butterick 5032: Mid-Century Furry Capelet

Cape 1

Have you seen the new collaborative sewing group, The Monthly Stitch? The plan is to collect a group of people to sew one thing a month based on the same theme. This month, the first month, the theme is capes. I know I have about a million things in my sewing queue that I need to get to, and a cape wasn’t the highest on the priority list, but I have been wanting two different capes, and this was the perfect opportunity to make one of them.

Cape 4

I used Butterick 5032, a retro reprint of a pattern from the early 1950’s. Fur/faux fur aren’t listed as suggested fabrics for this capelet, and I did have to make one fairly important modification to make my fabric choice work. The pattern has the collar cut out of fabric for both the top and the underside. That would have been way too bulky in my furry fabric, so I used lining for the undercollar and it worked just fine. I did pull the lining a bit over the edge of my fur fabric as I sewed it, making it just a little smaller than the outer layer so it doesn’t show from the outside. I think it’s an acetate lining, something I got in a FabricMart mystery bundle in a nondescript greyish color that doesn’t detract from the crazy furriness.

cape 3

The button is one that’s been in my stash for years. Sometime about 12 or 15 years ago I made myself a vintage-inspired suit out of a beautiful brown wool tweed and it had a whole series of those gold-edged pearl finish buttons on it.

It was fun to dress up a little today for pictures. A bit warm though. When the weather cools down I’ll be happy to have something nice to put on to go out to dinner and a show. (even if no one else dresses up for those occasions anymore I still think it’s fun).

Cape 5

And the other cape I’d like to make someday? A Kinsale Cloak; something like this or this. Either in bright red or in some sort of dull grey/brown plaid. Yes, maybe a little over the top, but I did see someone in the middle of my local Abby’s Pizza wearing a plaid one last year and it was so awesome. Can’t let her be the only one.

Now you’ve seen my cape, you should go see who else made a cape on The Monthly Stitch.




4 responses to “Butterick 5032: Mid-Century Furry Capelet”

  1. Gjeometry Avatar

    SO elegant, just love this cape.

  2. EmSewCrazy Avatar

    You look very elegant! How chic and cozy you’ll look going out this winter!

  3. ladykatza Avatar

    You look lovely! And the cape looks warm. I like warm, warm is good.

  4. dokucug Avatar

    Wowzers! I came over from your post and my blog and took a look-see. This is amazing! And you look fantastic in it! Now I want one!

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