Butterick 5748: Vintage to Modern

60's dress blowing kisses

Remember how I had said that my in-laws anniversary party was 50’s-60’s themed? Thus the squirrel skirt for Guinevere that was needed. I couldn’t let such a perfect reason to sew up a vintage-y look pass me by without getting a new dress for myself. Enter Butterick 5748, a re-issue of a 1960 pattern. Looking at the pattern envelope, I wondered if the skirt would be as full as I wanted it to be for a be-costumed occasion. I did double-check on Pattern Review to see what a real dress looked like since the envelope only had illustrations. I needn’t have worried as this obligatory twirling picture shows.

60's dress twirling

Even standing still (and holding it down) the skirt is quite full.

60's dress puffy


This dress was all kinds of fun to dance in at my in-laws’ party.

60's dress puffy side


Yes, I realize that the front darts are a bit high. I’m still debating whether to take the (lined) bodice apart to fix it. I’m waiting for the new bras I ordered online to arrive to replace my current cheaply made and worn out ones. New lingerie with extra support and fresh powernet will of course change where the darts land in relation to the bust apex, and I’d hate to have to fix it now and then again after getting new foundation garments.

The fabric is a cotton brocade from my stash. I just barely fit all the pattern pieces on the available yardage. The brocade design doesn’t show up so well in those outdoor pictures, but it’s nice in person, very tablecloth-like, aside from the color.

Of course, I wanted to be able to wear this dress for less costumed occasions too. Exchanging those two extremely puffy crinolines for a ruffled slip does help to achieve a more modern look.

60's dress less puffy front

The jacket is a ready-to-wear (Dress Barn) acquisition of some years ago. It’s a cotton-y stretch sateen fabric. Someday I’d like to make a pattern traced off this jacket, because I know it won’t last forever and it’s something I can pair with a lot of my other clothes.

60's dress back

A little off-topic, but I’m going to throw it in here at the end anyway. You may notice that I’m wearing nude pantyhose in the last two pictures. I fail to see the the reasons for nude hose demise. Sure, during the hottest heat of summer I’ll skip the hose, and in the dead of winter, sweater-tights are much more practical, but how is it that somewhere along the line nude pantyhose became declared obsolete and “over”? Seriously, just that thin layer of nylon is just enough to even out the skin tone of my legs, and keep my feet from becoming blistered in my heels. What’s not to love there?

Stash busting stats: 12/25
Stripey Tiramisu was 11/25, though I forgot to include it in that post, just in case you think I’m cheating by skipping numbers.






10 responses to “Butterick 5748: Vintage to Modern”

  1. Marie Avatar

    What a nice dress! I like both versions, the vintage one and the modern one (maybe the modern one a bit more), and the color is beautiful!

  2. ShanniLoves... Avatar

    I’m with you on the nude hose. I don’t understand why they are over and why such a big deal was made when Kate Middleton wore a pair. I wear them all the time when the weather is transitioning and I’m too lazy to slap on some self tanner. Great dress! A very pretty color on you.

  3. Gjeometry Avatar

    Oh, very pretty! I love the full, twirly skirt. What’s a dress, really, if you can’t twirl in it??

  4. Lynn Avatar

    Beautiful dress! For myself, I would be much more comfortable with the modern version.

    I’ve only worn nylons 3 times in the last 10 years. I hate the things but I don’t see nude nylons as pointless. They do make a difference and look more natural than other colors. I don’t care at all what is in, out, or over at any given moment.

  5. Major Moma Avatar

    Wow, look at that dress twirl! I bet it was a blast to dance in. ~Major Moma

  6. EmSewCrazy Avatar

    Lovely! I can’t believe the difference the petticoats make! From vintage to modern just with a slip. I love that it can be worn well either way.
    I love nude nylons for all the reasons you stated above.

  7. DeniseAngela Avatar

    So pretty & love the photos!

  8. Becca Avatar

    You look lovely! This is such a beautiful color on you. You’ve gotta have a full, twirly skirt to go dancing, right? I’m glad you had a good time at your party. 🙂

  9. nothy Avatar

    I LOVE this dress! The colour, the fit, everything. You look fabulous!!!! Bravo!

  10. Jolanda Bravery Avatar

    wow! your dress is stunning – the colour and the style is so beautiful. I too love nude pantyhose! I hope they don’t stop making them over here in the UK! xx

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