Cake Patterns Pavlova: The Sequel

Here’s the other Pavlova set I made, just about as different as it could be from the Pleather version.

Pavlova Hand in Pocket

The top is made from a cotton jersey that’s been sitting in my stash for well over 10 years. It had been cut into but there was just enough left to get this new top. That makes my stash-busting count for the year 5/25. This one feels much nicer against my skin than my black Pavlova top, but doesn’t drape as nicely. It’s just the right weight to work as a transitional season top. Not really a sweater, but doesn’t require a bunch of layers over it to keep me warm enough.

The skirt is from a newer fabric acquisition. Back when I was pondering my Jungle January make, before I decided to use stashed fabric, I saw this vintage piece on Etsy. Even after I decided on my other project, this retro piece was stuck in my head as one of those things I’d never find again and that I’d probably regret not getting while I could. I couldn’t let it be one that got away, so I ordered it with no particular idea of how I was going to use it.

It’s a heavyweight canvas-like fabric. As far as I can tell it is mostly or all cotton. Not that I really tested it, just noticed that it pressed into crisp lines with a hot iron and doesn’t give off any nasty fumes. There was just barely, barely enough fabric to cut out the skirt. I had to make the waistband from four shorter pieces joined together. Print matching was not an option and yet, I somehow accidentally did this.

Pavlova back

Here’s a closer look.

Print matched zipper

I don’t think I could have matched those prints better if I’d been trying, especially not over the zipper like that.

For this version of the skirt, I did use the pocket piece from the Pavlova pattern.

Pavlova Pocket


I just love how easy this skirt/top combo is to wear.


Pavlova front


Totally off-topic, but I want to share, I went outside the other day to take out the recycling and when I looked up, I saw this. You can just barely see a second rainbow parallel to the brighter one. I had to bring kids outside in their jammies so they could see it too.

Pavlova Pics 073










4 responses to “Cake Patterns Pavlova: The Sequel”

  1. prttynpnk Avatar

    I love this on you! What a lovely combination!

  2. Susan Avatar

    What a great outfit! Nice work on the stashbusting. 🙂 I adore that fabric you used for the skirt.

  3. Lynn Avatar

    Nice fabric, very cheerful. And I love that pocket.

  4. AnnetteB Avatar

    Very flattering! I love the colors!

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