Cake Patterns Tiramisu: 2nd Edition

I’m still working on my mystery project (which has me saying weirdly obvious things out loud, such as “wow, 9 yards is the same as 27 feet”, just because it took something like 5 hours to cut out the pieces from the 9 yards of fashion fabric), but with two muslins needed for someone who doesn’t live at my house, there was time between fittings for a concurrent project. Not that I would get distracted or anything:

Who, Me?

Who, Me?

I’ve noticed a need in my wardrobe for some casual dresses, the kind that are easy to throw on in a hurry and easy to wash. My stripy Tiramisu, despite my initial worry that the stripes overpower me, is turning out to have been worn a lot since I finished it. I will note, in passing, that washing it did help the fabric recovery and it fits quite nicely now.

Enter a new version of Tiramisu in a 100% cotton knit from my stash (acquired from The Fabric Fairy sometime last fall with this dress in mind). My favorite on-line source for knit fabrics would definitely have to be The Fabric Fairy, partly because of the nice selection of fabrics, and partly when I get a box of things I’ve ordered, I can then say I was visited by the fabric fairy. It might be lame, but it IS fun to say.

Side View


I think novelty-prints are fun for casual dresses, but so many of them are printed on quilting cotton, which doesn’t lend itself to durable clothing. This cotton-knit was definitely meant to be turned into clothing; It’s so comfortable. I do wish it had just a little bit of Lycra in it, but that might just be spoiling myself. With the busy print I suppose it would have been more conventional to make it into a maxi-dress, but this was more fun.



I put some effort into stripe-matching, this is basically a plaid consisting of directional hearts and non-directional pinstripes. I don’t know what happened down that center back bodice seam that nothing matches. Oh, well. I’m not planning to lose sleep over what’s done (though if I ever make a plaid Tiramisu, I’ll check that seam more carefully as I cut it out)

Sneaking up


What’s that sneaking in at the bottom left here? Is that Jalie 2805 in a smallish size?

Models Don't Smile

Yes, it is a small v-neck T-shirt. It fits, but there isn’t a lot of growing room. I think I’ll trace it off a size or two larger before I make the next one for her. I’m really happy with that pattern. This is the first shirt I’ve made from it, and with the size/neckline options included, it should keep Guinevere in t-shirts until she grows up and moves out. From the picture above, I gather that someone must have told Guinevere that models don’t smile…but I’d bet they do when they hug their moms.



Stash-busting stats: 15/25



  1. Kimberly Hughes

    I love your tiramisu. I’ve been tiramisu obsessed. If you ever make a plaid tiramisu, I’d suggest if it isn’t a symmetrical plaid just eliminating that seam by putting it 1/2 inch over the fold. I’ve done that on a few of my versions and it doesn’t detract from the dress at all.

    I just got that Jalie pattern for t-shirts, too. I’m glad to see how cute it is in a small size.

  2. Gjeometry

    Gorgeous! I love the fabric you chose and I think the fit you got in your tiramisu is just perfect! and, how cute is tiny person in her T-shirt!!! 🙂

  3. liza jane

    Lovely! Love your matching cutie, too!

  4. Cherie (@TheSewingLab)

    I have seen so many people make a Tiramisu and this is another one that turned out great. I’m officially putting that on my list of things to sew. I had my first matching fail on a plaid recently. I also decided not to lose sleep. I am not sure “normal” (non-sewing) people really notice those things. Love the purple hearts! Well done!

  5. EmSewCrazy

    How fun! What a great Tira out of a great fabric! Looks like you and your daughter will both enjoy your new pieces.

  6. ShanniLoves...

    Very cute! The print goes great with that pattern.

  7. Mikhaela Reid

    SUCH a great fabric for this… super sweet but it doesn’t look like just a kid’s print either. Beautiful Tira!

  8. Nancy

    I just finished my first Tiramisu tonight, made out a rayon lycra (I think) that I bought at Fabric Depot a year or so ago (so not too long in the stash). Not sure if I cut the wrong size or if my fabric was just too stretchy, but I ended up having to pull the center front pieces down 2 inches to fix the giant gaping neckline. Anyway, I love the print on your dress!

  9. Carolyn

    You both look really cute in your matching clothes! 🙂


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