Cake Patterns Tiramisu (and Now I’m Hungry)

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This project has taken me months. That may be an exaggeration. As far as construction goes, it really didn’t take that long in actually working on it. As far as getting it started and finishing it up, that took much longer than it should have. Back when Cake Patterns were just getting started, I was one of the original people who had signed up and been picked for pattern testing. Then there were multiple production barriers, so the testing, I believe, was done local to Cake Patterns Headquarters. Steph did send me a finished pattern (because she’s sweet like that), but by then, it was getting cold here. If I’d still been in test mode, I would have sewn it up cold and wet or not, but with no deadline, I kept putting it off and putting it off. Now I’ve finally finished it up.

Tiramisu 2


This is a stash-busting project, since I acquired the fabric sometime last fall with every intention of turning it into a Tiramisu. That may be part of the problem I had with trying to make it up during the winter; the only visions I had in my head were definitely non-winter, with no motivation to change those visions to suit the weather.

I do plan to make this up again. I need to prove to myself I can do a better job with this pattern. My fitting was off. I did fuss around with it to get it wearable, but knowing how much effort I put into getting it wearable (including some sloppy shortcuts), it is now fundamentally flawed in my eyes and I don’t feel as confident wearing it as I should (though the fabric, construction, and design is still better than I could have got from shopping most discount retail stores). Because of the way I was messing with fitting after I got the skirt on, the surplice bodice doesn’t overlap as far as it was designed to. I ended up top-stitching around the neckline so that the wrap part is sewn together where it overlaps which keeps it from gaping  The fabric is a cotton-lycra jersey with lots of stretch, which may also have been a factor in my bodice fit issues, especially after I put the skirt on. Now that I’ve worn it, I’m washing it. I’m rather curious to see if anything in the fit changes after washing, since I handled it so much while I was making it up. I think the fabric has good recovery because of the Lycra, but I could be wrong.

I think the next version I make of this dress will be solid-colored. I don’t know if it’s the amount of stripes or the brightness of the contrasting colors or something with the scale of stripes in comparison with my body size, but when I wear this, I feel like the stripes are wearing me. On the other hand, the stripe guides on the pattern made the matching to chevron the stripes relatively easy.

Tiramisu Back





3 responses to “Cake Patterns Tiramisu (and Now I’m Hungry)”

  1. prttynpnk Avatar

    I just got this pattern (whoohoo,gift!) and I have knit anxiety- yours is making me want to try this soon- it looks comfortable and girly!

  2. ShanniLoves... Avatar

    I think it’s super cute!! I’ve been debating on this pattern for awhile now. This is something I would love to wear to the office, comfy and not all stuffy.

  3. Kimberly Hughes Avatar

    I actually really like your stripe version and I recently posted that I don’t do stripes or chevrons. I haven’t really cared for the other stripe versions that I’ve seen, probably because unlike yours, they look kind of washed out.

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