Hummingbird Meets Pavlova: More Like Frosted Animal Cookies Than Cake





Pink Gingham 5


This is a Cake patterns mash-up ensemble. It’s the Hummingbird top with a Pavlova skirt. A really long Pavlova skirt. I added about ten inches to the length and cut the pieces on the fold so that it only has front/back seams instead of the usual four.

Pink Gingham 3

This is one of two Hummingbird tops I’ve made recently. This is actually the more recent one, the first one I finished right before I got sick (literally, just about 3 hours before I ended up in ER), but it’s waiting for a skirt to go with to get finished before I take pictures.

Pink Gingham 2

The fabric for the skirt is the same kind of 100% cotton gingham as this dress I recently made for Guinevere. The top fabric is a cotton ponte di roma out of my stash that I had found at Hancock Fabrics sometime last year. It seems to be rather difficult to find cotton ponte (usually polyester is the norm). It may be just a bit thick for this pattern; that waist seam is a little thick, but it’s really comfortable. I have some fabric left, maybe enough for this dressPink Gingham 1

Is this too costume-y for wearing out-and-about? Strangely enough, I feel quite comfortable wearing it, and not at  all overly conspicuous. Unfortunately I had a wretched time getting pictures. I forgot how Guinevere needs to be standing on a chair in order to get me at the most flattering angles. On my second photo-shoot attempt, Pete got better angles, but fewer pictures since the camera battery died. No twirling pics this time, though it’s an incredibly twirly outfit.

I’m counting the top as use from my stash, though I didn’t use the entire piece up. Stash-busting stats: 18/25





8 responses to “Hummingbird Meets Pavlova: More Like Frosted Animal Cookies Than Cake”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Such a cute outfit, love the gingham and your top fits so well.

  2. ShanniLoves Avatar

    If it feels good to you then wear it! I think it’s unique and I love it!

  3. Liza jane Avatar

    Wear it! It looks fabulous and the top is really flattering.

  4. ladykatza Avatar

    I _love_ this outfit!

  5. Lynn Avatar

    It looks beautiful and I would definitely wear it out and about.

  6. EmSewCrazy Avatar

    Wow! This looks fabulous. Those colors look great on you too! It’s nice to see the top made up with a fuller skirt. It really looks nice.

  7. Susan Avatar

    You have given me food for thought. I have not been using patterns because I am short, but even at my thinnest, not petite. I have always had a big bust for my frame. You look lovely, crisp, fresh, shapely.
    I am going to check out cake patterns .

  8. Jill Avatar

    That’s a fabulous outfit! I love how the skirt came out. If you wanted, you could wear a chambray shirt with the skirt too

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