Lady Skater Dress: Pink Polka Dot Version

Here’s my first version of a pattern that seems to be taking over the internet lately. I’ve already made my second and have plans for at least two more.  

Dress 8


This is the Lady Skater Dress from Kitschy Coo. I added about 10 inches to the bottom of the skirt. Not quite a maxi dress, but a very, very wearable length for me…and twirly.

Dress 5

The fabric is an ITY knit from This did not sit in my stash for long at all. I took one look at this dress from Katie Kadiddlehopper and just had to find some ITY knit to make my own. This version doesn’t have her awesome godet in the back, but one of these days I’ll make one up shamelessly copying hers.

Dress 6


The above pic shows off two things I’d like to call your attention to. First, the good: the top fits like a dream. The neckband and arm bands are drafted just the right length and width to lay flat and keep things at the neckline cinched tight with no gaping.

The bad: is not that bad actually. I’m just short and my fabric is pretty heavy and drape-y. The waistline of the pattern is supposed to hit at the natural waist, but on this version, it’s definitely headed into drop-waisted territory. To me the overall dress looks and feels like fits well, even with the seam not being where the pattern was drafted for, so I’m not going to change it.

Dress 7

I didn’t hem the bottom of the skirt. It won’t fray and it hangs nicely this way. This is such  a quick and easy dress pattern. The ITY fabric slowed me down somewhat, being slinky, drape-y, slippery, and sending both my sewing machine and my serger into thread-snapping fits, but it still took me only a few hours from start to finish.







7 responses to “Lady Skater Dress: Pink Polka Dot Version”

  1. ladykatza Avatar

    I love your version! I had the same problem with a slinky ITY knit. All three machines threw fits over sewing it.

  2. Nancy Avatar

    I’ve made 2 versions of this dress already, but I used cotton interlock knit so it didn’t stretch the waist seam so much. I made one from a yellow interlock with flamingoes that I got at Mill End in Beaverton and one from lime interlock with all sorts of shoes on it that I got on eBay. I also added 5 inches to the length because knee length isn’t a good look for me. I used a contrasting solid color for the bands on both. Just one hint if you do use interlock – if it’s not real stretchy you might need to go up a size.

  3. alwaystimetoprocraftinate Avatar

    I might have to get that, I had a similar RTW dress in high school that I wore a lot.

  4. Carolyn Avatar

    I love the twirliness of it! and I really like this dress in the longer length like you’ve made it.

  5. Susan Avatar

    I love this dress on you. You and I have similar shapes, and I am also short.
    I love the fabric, fit and twirl. I will have to consider this style.
    You look wonderful. Nice job.

  6. Debbie Boren Avatar
    Debbie Boren

    Where do I get the pattern for this dress wtih ITY fabric?
    I need to make it in a billion colors. just a bit shorter cause I’m only 5 ft tall. lol

    1. Cari Avatar

      Hi Debbie. The pattern is from Kitschy Coo and you can find it here

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