Miss Bossy Patterns Wants to Know

Next month the theme over at The Monthly Stitch is sewing up stashed patterns. They decided that was too easy a theme, so they added a twist. I need to take a poll to decide which pattern from my stash I should sew up in March. I went through my stash, looking for a candidate each from Indie Companies, vintage patterns, and the mainstream “Big Four”. I put forth the following for your consideration.

Up first, my Indie Contender, the Elisalex from By Hand London. I want to make it out of the fabric in the background, an 80’s sofa-inspired, stiff cotton brocade (despite that rather unflattering description, I really love this fabric). I think the long-sleeves would be weather-appropriate for March, but the pastel print will make it read “spring” instead of “fall”.Elisalex


Next, a vintage pattern, Simplicity 3889. I want to make the longer-sleeved version using the thin wool suiting in this picture. I may want to add pink buttons that would coordinate just lovely with a pink vintage hat and pink crinoline.Vintage Dress


Last, but not least, the more current pattern. Vogue 8679. It’s apparently out-of-print, so maybe not as current as I thought. At least it’s from this decade. The knit dress in the top right corner of the pattern is what I’d be planning to make. If you all pick this as my March project, I’ll probably pick one of the fabrics below to make it up, though I’m not sure there’s enough of the one on the left and I’m not sure I’d be happy with the pattern placement of the one on the right. The bright blue in the center would be a safe choice, but maybe not as much fun. Vogue Collage


So, what do you think? Please take a sec to pick an option for me.

[polldaddy poll=7814508]


Now that you’ve voted, if you like, you can let me know in the comments how lame I am for not including this pattern for Pete in my choices, and/or give me some advice on how to get him to agree to model it for the blog when I do get around to making it up.

Footie Jammies


7 responses to “Miss Bossy Patterns Wants to Know”

  1. Gjeometry Avatar

    Voted!! I really love the Elisalex pattern although have not sewn it myself. And, OHMYGOSH, you have to make that for Pete and he HAS to model it. ONESIE!!! 🙂 (My poll is up and running, not sure if you’ve voted yet: http://gjeometry.com/2014/02/13/help-me-obi-wan-kenobi/ )

  2. prttynpnk Avatar

    If he won’t model it, it just won’t be as special!

  3. Uncle Timmy Avatar
    Uncle Timmy

    If he is going to model it, you will need to stage your photo shoot in a log cabin with the rest of the seven brothers.

  4. sewinggoddess Avatar

    what can I say, I’m such a sucker for the vintage patterns from the fifties and sixties. The pink buttons will be fab!

  5. Lynn Avatar

    Oooo! I love both of the first two. Tough choice. I voted for the prettiest fabric.

  6. Lelie // A Bouquet of Buttons Avatar

    I voted for the Simplicity dress. It’s divine!

  7. macinic Avatar

    I’m between the onseie trend (babies too big to wear them yet to young to request them & it’s not cold enough here), phew! I love both the Elizalex – fabulous fabric choice!!! & the vintage – I’m having a pro-vintage phase, so that’s my vote – and I have some similar wool suiting & think the contrast buttons are inspired!

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