Stretch Lace Stash-Busting and Totally Off-Topic Sherlock

I didn’t mean to procrastinate on my last bit of stash-busting, but then again, it would have been rather anticlimactic to have finished it up in September or something. Here’s today’s completed project, stretch lace Espresso Leggings.Leggings 1

This is a nice, thick lace, but still a little open. Thick enough my legs feel nicely covered wearing them, but certainly not thick enough to ever make me confuse these leggings for trousers. I think I’d originally planned to make a top or two with this fabric, but leggings are much more fun. These coordinate okay with some of the pink items in my wardrobe, but I’d actually rather pair them with something black and basic. I guess I need to make a black dress (how exciting).

On a completely different note, we finally got around to seeing the Sherlock exhibit at OMSI yesterday. Quite a fun exhibit with a great combination of history, science, and pop culture. There’s a lot of reading involved, so not exactly targeted to very young kids, but also interactive enough to keep their attention so I could enjoy it too. It only runs in Portland until Jan 5th before moving on to Ohio (to be followed by a few other states). If you happen to be in a place where you can catch it, I highly recommend it. In other Sherlock geekery, if you happen to really, really like Sherlock Holmes, you might want to wade through my little brother’s post about hiking up to where Sherlock Holmes died.

Stash-busting stats 24/25. (almost there!)






3 responses to “Stretch Lace Stash-Busting and Totally Off-Topic Sherlock”

  1. EmSewCrazy` Avatar

    Ooh these look like some fun leggings! What a great project.

  2. Carolyn Avatar

    Those leggings look quite awesome 🙂

  3. prttynpnk Avatar

    Come on- with shoes that fab I just know this outfit was fab- can we see the rest? Loving it so far!

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