When I’m not Sewing, I Might be Knitting

Everyone and their mothers have at some point made up an Andi Satterlund knitting pattern. I couldn’t be the only one left out, so I made Chuck. The yarn is Cascade 220 in peony heather, a gorgeously girly shade of pink. It goes oh, so, well with my “Prom Dress“, which being sleeveless and made of quilting cotton, is otherwise not so wearable in winter.

Chuck Sweater 3


I do plan to make it again sometime, but I think I’ll go down a size. Even though this one is wearable and super-comfortable, there’s more positive ease than the pattern is designed for.

Chuck sweater 2

I do such a wretched job of documenting my knitting projects. My Ravelry account is full of projects with start dates but no completion dates or pictures, even though it’s been months since I finished them up. I have pictures on my computer just waiting for editing and posting. Why does this happen? I just don’t know. I’m actually a fairly prolific knitter anymore. It’s such a portable thing to have to keep my hands busy, especially for those times when Pete and the kids have picked out the Saturday night movie and it wouldn’t have been my first choice.

So to catch up, here’s another knit, The Abernathy Sweater I knitted for Romeo. This is a DK weight sweater, so just about right for Oregon winter. Warm but not completely bulky. It’s knit in the round, which is my favorite way to knit, not so much because I like to knit in the round (though I do), but because I don’t like to do the sewing up after I get the knitting done.

Green sweater 2

The front cables are interesting, but not so tricky as to become tedious. The yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light. The color is “peat mix”. It matches Romeo’s eyes. The back is pretty basic. I have plans to make one of these for Ace in a dark aqua colorway at some point.

Green Sweater 1


The sleeves have a rib pattern which is also interesting while staying manly.

Green sweater 3


So there we are, a couple of knitting projects finally documented. My next plan is to catch up on documenting some of the most wearable things I’ve made lately, even if they aren’t the most exciting or innovative.





4 responses to “When I’m not Sewing, I Might be Knitting”

  1. Lynn Avatar

    Oooo! I love that color!

  2. EmSewCrazy` Avatar

    ooh I like both of these pieces!

  3. K-Line Avatar

    This is a terrific version of the Chuck sweater! Looks great. What’s your handle on Ravelry? I’ll check out your page. I’m on there as kristinm100. And your little boy is adorable in that fancy pullover.

    1. Cari Homemaker Avatar

      Thanks. I’m Guineveresmom on ravelry, and I do a really lousy job of making complete notes on there.

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