Lady Skater Dress: and Yet More Gingham

I have several projects that have been cut out and waiting for me for varying amounts of time that I am trying to focus on getting done (and out of my way). In the meantime, I did have one more bit of gingham distraction that I finished up first.

Red Gingham 7


This is the Kitschy Coo Lady Skater Dress pattern yet again. This time I used a cotton/lycra knit instead of a super drapy ITY knit. The waist seam is still lower than the pattern was drafted for, so for my next iteration I’ll have to cut the bodice shorter. It will probably need to be about 2 inches shorter for a relatively stable knit like this dress, but more like 3 or so inches for an ITY. While some could take this as meaning that I am really short-waisted (and I am). I think it also is an evidence of the top of the dress fitting relatively well. In ready-to-wear, much of the bodice length gets taken up getting over and around the bust, so I almost never fit into petite sizes in stores.

Red Gingham 2


The skirt ended up being about 2 inches longer than I had intended due to the waist hitting lower than I had planned. It isn’t a bad thing, but not a trendy length by any means. I am ok with an un-trendy skirt length so long as I can bend over if needed without fear of wardrobe malfunctions.

I bought this fabric from The Fabric Fairy a few months ago, thinking I’d make a Cabarita top out of it for myself and some kind of t-shirt for Guinevere too. While I was camping last month I was in some kind of conversation with my sister and all the sudden something sparked where I was envisioning this fabric as this dress worn with a denim jacket for the fall. I hope it was a conversation about sewing or other projects that set off that reaction. Regardless, it made me pretty determined that I needed to get this dress done and out of my head. I had to put a seam in the back bodice and just barely squeaked this dress out of the amount of fabric I had.

Red Gingham 5


Yup, just like I dreamed it would be. Though now I have to find some other fabric to make up the Cabarita top. How ever will I manage it?






4 responses to “Lady Skater Dress: and Yet More Gingham”

  1. Susan Avatar

    Lovely,lovely,lovely! It is nice to see someone with my shape in a dress like this.
    Nice work, you look eonderful, I think you should make five more!

  2. EmSewCrazy Avatar

    Haha, this dress makes me smile! How fun! I love that it is a gingham knit. It looks great with the denim jacket.

  3. ladykatza Avatar

    I love the dress, but I want to steal the pendant.

  4. scriviasole Avatar

    I was looking for Lady Skater’s pictures as I want to buy the pattern and I was wondering why you looked familiar! Then I remembered that you did the RV sewalong too!! I love the lady skater and I’m going to buy the pattern, it’s really flattering.

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